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For The Aspiring Technology Blogger: Best Topics You Should Write About

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Search engines have spoken, topics and keywords related to technology are among the hottest issues that people look for on the Internet everyday. Consequently, books, magazines, and blogs are published in high frequencies to address people's needs in having some in-depth know-how about the latest stuff that technology has to offer.

Maybe you're an aspiring blogger who's having this confusion on what to blog about. Here's a suggestion: pick technology as a niche. If you scour through the web for information, you will surely find out that it is one of the best niches ever.

But the technology niche is a very broad one. You need guidance on which specific topics to pick. To help you get around to the dilemma you might be currently having, let me help you. Technology blogging has a lot of topics and subtopics for you to write about.

Here are some of the best key points that will surely give you the greatest number of readers and site visitors:

Artificial Intelligence

This goes without saying, but let me say it anyway, AI is the thing of the future. Most likely, it will be the ultimate man-made product that will become a new species… non-organic, but one that will probably dominate the other existent species that thrive on this beautiful planet of ours.

Interesting sub-topics that could sprout from AI would be these:

How will it affect human careers and employment? – This might both surprise and scare you, but here’s a claim about AI that’s published in a blog of the Ohio State University:

“According to the International Federation of Robotics, 1.3 million industrial robots are in use as of 2018. Robotics continues to emerge as a large and influential market. The following five industries are utilizing this new technology to boost efficiency and convenience for both businesses and consumers.”

  • Health Care

  • Agriculture

  • Food Preparation

  • Manufacturing

  • Military


If robots are now among the major keyplayers in the workforce dominated by us humans, then the system that powers their brains must be a very important topic to discuss. Whether you are an aspiring tech blogger, or one that is already a seasoned writer about it, AI must be something that you should thoroughly explain and expound.

What is the future of AI’s assistance to humans? – The ultimate goal of AI developers is how to bring robots and computers closer to the manner of how we humans think and behave.

Though this notion is a bit too far-fetched for now, we can’t stop ourselves from getting curious about what the future will be like if we get to have our computers or cellular phones as our best friends and most trusted confidants.

In addressing this idea, topics like Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing would be the absolute hot picks. They will surely point writers like you, and readers like them to have a better understanding about what AI would be really like in the not too distant future.

Apps and Software

What’s the difference between an app and a software? Technically, there’s no difference at all – they are both system programs that make a computer perform whatever task people ask them to do. But from a layman’s perspective, they could be respectively defined as:

App – short for application program, the general term used to call the various software installed in cellphones, tablets, and typical mobile devices.

Software – is a program installed on desktop and laptop computers. It has a very broad list of sub-categories that include office productivity, multimedia, programming languages, and entertainment applications.

Simply stated, we might say that apps are for cellphones and software are for computers. But here’s the thing, cellphones are technically computers too, so apps and software are basically the same.

Confusing, isn’t it? If you want to diminish the possible increase of question marks that could pop up in the minds of people about the 2, then you should discuss them in your tech blog.

But don’t just discuss the intricacies of the 2 lest, you will quickly run out of ideas. The most evergreen sub-topics that could be derived from them would be:

The latest productivity apps/software – They are basically built for the purpose of making everyday tasks easier, so those that offer the greatest convenience while working would be surely sought for by people.

The latest in entertainment and gaming – What are the best apps for videos and music? What are currently the best video and mobile games? These would be questions that are always present in the minds of the tech-oriented ones.

Internet Trends

Next to this real world that we live and thrive in, the Internet is our most loved domain, our favorite hang digital hang-out, so to speak. For the reason that people extremely love to dwell within the virtual halls of the world wide web, a good tech blogger should really discuss the latest trends therein.

The following would be the best sub-topics for an internet-trend discussion:

Social-media tips and techniques – How can the likes of Facebook and Twitter be utilized for fullest usage and enjoyment? How do experts and web strategists employ social media to maximize marketing gains? These would be helpful for both small-time and big-time individuals who aim to boost their financial status.

Online Business and E-commerce – Just like its importance in the real world, business establishments are also existing and thriving in the digital realm. A tech blog wouldn’t be attractive enough if it doesn’t contain articles about how businesses could be improvised by internet resources.

If you want to make a blog about technology, make sure to include the above-mentioned niches and a good number of visitors will surely flock to your site!

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Written by   155
1 month ago
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Nice analysis. Which platforms do you think are the most rewarding to blog about high-end technology topics? Cheers!

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1 month ago

Any platform with high viewership is ideal. However, the best platform would be the one you will create for yourself, where you will post content at your own pace and will. Thanks for reading.

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1 month ago