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Preparation of the Venezuelan pepito. ( The union in the family )

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1 year ago

Hello fellow, today I want to share a fabulous recipe that I prepared a few days ago at a family reunion. As is customary among the family every Saturday we meet between my sister and my parents with the intention of preparing a family meal, since my sister lives far away and me too, we are not all together all the time, so we always try in the least to leave at least one day a week to share.

Family togetherness is important within all families, being able to feel that connection brings not only trust but also love for those around us, making the difficult moments of life much simpler and easier to process. My family is no exception, we are always in touch and whenever possible we all get together. There we share and toast in family togetherness a pleasant time out of the everyday.

it all starts with the preparation of a delicious salad known among Venezuelans as "guacamole" this delicious salad is mostly used to accompany either roast chicken, steak or any type of meat, fish is also a good combination. Although this time it was different, it can also be used to accompany a traditional (pan pepito), this salad is known for its flavour, it gives the exact touch to any meal, as an accompaniment if you really want to delight your palate then you should prepare it and then let me know how it went....

the preparation of a guacamole is simple.


  • avocado

  • onion

  • tomato

  • coriander

  • pepper

  • salt (optional)

  • vinegar

  • olive oil

  • Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce

  • garlic

The first thing to do is to chop each of the above ingredients into small pieces that are easy to chew or bite, the tomato on the other hand unlike the onion, should not be chopped so small, personally I like to leave medium large pieces. This is because the flavour of the tomato is not lost at all, unlike the onion, which has a much stronger flavour.

Optional place salt, the truth I do not see necessary to place salt if you add pepper, since the taste will be almost the same or even better, after having chopped everything, add a few drops of vinegar, the function that fulfills is to eliminate any parasite that exists within the salad thus avoiding a bad stomach and the spread of any bacteria that is hidden in the vegetables. Finally, a touch of olive oil should be added to concentrate the flavour and make this delicious salad ready to be enjoyed.

lueg we are going to chop some onions into rings and place them in the salten to fry with a little oil, stir slowly and let them cook a little until they start to turn golden brown, add a touch of salt and keep stirring for a few more minutes.

it is important to know how to add the right amount of salt, this way you will have a smooth sauce that will accompany the chicken and meat that we are going to prepare and it is not necessary to add more salt.

this image demonstrates more specifically what I was talking about before, the onions start to turn golden brown and at that moment we know that it is getting to the exact point to be added to the meat and chicken.

this recipe is purely homemade, i am not a chef and much less a food specialist, it is simply the way in which we prepare the meat and chicken, those people who have extensive knowledge in food, can comment any thoughts that will help us to improve the recipe.

Besides, the important thing in all this preparation is the sharing between the family, in this case my sister and my mother were the ones who helped me to chop each of the ingredients, while I was sautéing and preparing the other dishes.

we continue chopping, this time it is the chicken milanesa and the meat, what I am doing in this photo is chopping the meat and the chicken in small pieces, easy to digest and to be able to chew.

When it comes to stuffing some bread the most important thing is to be able to leave the pieces easy to process and to be able to bite the bread easily, it has happened to me that I go to eat somewhere and the pieces of meat are much bigger than the bread, this is certainly disproportionate and makes it uncomfortable when eating.

The easiest way to avoid this disproportion is to use small pieces that will be reduced during the cooking process.

everything was going well until this point, after chopping almost all the meat, by mistake I left my finger and ended up cutting my index finger, which hurt a lot and above all the burning that this causes, I did not want to continue cooking so I told my sister to finish chopping. The good thing about cooking as a family is that you can count on someone else in case you can't continue because of a mishap.

After chopping all the chicken it is time to join with the onion that we already had at the point, at this time we finish by adding the different sauces that we have, such as: Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce. Both sauces are important, because the good flavour of the meat and chicken depends on them. Another important ingredient is garlic, the strong and tasty flavour that it produces is the typical accompaniment to any meat.

This process lasts only a few minutes, while the meat is finished cooking, simply move it and then lower the intensity, avoiding burning the meat and cooking it more (when you are going to add the garlic, try to chop it well and then crush it with a stone that you have, this will help the garlic to be better added to the food with which it is going to be cooked).

While the meat and chicken were being prepared, the rest of us were waiting to play a typical Venezuelan card game known as "caída", this game consists of dealing 3 cards to each player, there are (4) players by the way, each player must have his moment and the way in which each player plays is the same as the way the hand of a clock moves, In that sense is that each player will play, if he has a card with the same number, he can take it, but if not, he ends up leaving another card, while the next player follows this chain, and so on until one of the players ends up taking all the cards.

this game is great to share with the family, it distracts us and also helps us to think a bit because it requires strategy to win.

whenever we can get together we end up playing carta, this says a lot about this great game preferred by many in venezuela for its ease and simplicity when playing.

finally after so much waiting there is the traditional "pepito" a stuffed bread made by my family with common ingredients that make a real and tasty stuffed bread.

All that waiting is worth it, the moment you taste this bread you will want to keep on eating, the taste is given by the salad that makes your mouth water just by looking at it.

perhaps in a photograph you can't really appreciate how this delicious Venezuelan food looks, or at least in Venezuela it has become a tradition among the different families.

for me it has been a pleasure to share with you, this rich experience and above all this opportunity to share a recipe so simple but so rich and used by Venezuelans.

I think there is no excuse for not being able to leave one day a week to share with the family, family togetherness is important and helps to better develop those who stay together and in contact, so if you have a family, start now, it is never too late to invite to prepare a meal and spend quality time with those you love the most.

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1 year ago
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