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Why Portugal as an Investment Destination

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6 months ago

More than listing a number of reasons that appear in the internal reports that justify the choice of Portugal as an investment destination, i will highlight the news in which the international community recognizes Portugal as a country capable of attracting foreign investment. These reasons range from safety and quality of life to developments in the real estate market.

The highlight goes to the ease of doing business, international tourist awards, safety, education and average life expectancy.

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Make business

Portugal climbs to 25th best country to do business on a list led by Singapore. The 12th edition of the Doing Business 2015 study assesses local business rules and regulations to compare the ease of doing business in 189 countries.

Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain - all among the economies most adversely affected by the global financial crisis - have maintained a steady pace of regulatory reforms ​​. Another change made between 2013 and 2014, which the report highlights, concerns the tax domain, namely the decrease in corporate profits taxation in 2013 from 25% to 23%.

However, in 2015 the Corporate Income Tax (IRC) has already fallen again from 23% to 21% with a forecast of a gradual decrease of the rate until 2016. 

International Tourism Awards

Portugal has been internationally recognized as a destination of excellence for golf over the years. In 2014 it was voted the best golf destination in Europe and the world in the first edition of the "World Golf Awards", which are part of the "World Travel Awards" one of the most important awards of the tourist industry.

The World Golf Awards ceremony took place at the Conrad Algarve Hotel in Quinta do Lago, which won the Europe's Leading Luxury Resort Award. In addition to the above, Portugal has received 14 other awards.

In 2015 won in 16 categories with highlight to the Algarve which was considered the best beach destination in Europe. 


Portugal is the 11th safest country in the world, according to this year's Global Peace Index ranking. There were a total of 162 countries in the analysis, with first being Iceland and last, as most dangerous of all, Syria.


Some Portuguese universities are already present in the international rankings led by the best in the world, climbing positions despite their small size compared to foreign counterparts, and showing that training is an area where the country has international recognition.

The biggest highlight goes to business schools, which are getting better and better positioned in their international assessment of their executive education. And there are already three universities that have their business schools among the best in the world. The Catholic-Lisbon School of Business and Economics was the first to enter the Financial Times executive training ranking, where it has been in business for six consecutive years, appearing this year in 46th place. The New School of Business and Economics entered for the first time in 2011, and has already risen 11 places to 47th. The University of Porto also made its debut in 2011 in the ranking of customized training for companies, repeating the feat in 2012 and reaching 64th place.

Average Life Expectancy Above Average

OECD report places Portugal 16th in average life expectancy at birth, above UK and EU average.

Life expectancy in EU countries has increased by more than six years in two decades, according to the latest report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). On average, EU women live to be 81.7 years old and men to 75.3 years old.

Portugal is above the Community average, in 16th place: at birth, the life expectancy of the Portuguese is 82.6 years and the Portuguese 76.5. Just below is the United Kingdom. High up in the lead are France, with the highest value for women (86 years), and Sweden for men (79.4).

Portugal awaits you!

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6 months ago
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