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Learn about Tokocrypto & earn $2 TKO tokens - CoinMarketCap Earn quiz answers

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Tokocrypto "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from August 1st to August 10th.

What is Tokocrypto?

The Tokocrypto platform was created in tandem with Binance, which serves as a significant backing for the project and its future development. It is the first Indonesian cryptocurrency to offer a unique hybrid token model. The token serves several purposes on the Tokocrypto blockchain platform and allows users to participate in crypto exchanges, deposit and savings programs, cross-platform DeFi applications, and NFT marketplaces.

Before taking the quiz, make sure to learn about Tokocrypto through the 3 lessons below. Even though I provide the answers, the whole purpose is to learn something new:

How to take the quiz?

Make sure to have a CoinMarketCap account and a Binance account (KYC verified) as you will need a Binance user ID to complete the quiz. The tokens will be dropped into your $TKO spot account. 

Once you're all set, you can now take the quiz to which you will find the answers below.

  • In what year was Tokocrypto established?

  • What is Tokocrypto Token called?
    TKO / Toko Token

  • What kind of unique token is Toko Token / TKO ?
    Hybrid Token

  • As an exchange platform token, TKO offers airdrop entitlement, merchandise redemption, and ...
    Trading Fee discounts OR All the above -> DYOR for this one as both answers are possible IMHO

  • Where can you buy and trade TKO ?
    You can buy TKO on Binance

  • 5 Utilities of TKO as a Hybrid Token are : Exchange Platform Token, CeFi and DeFi, Farming Pools, Lending Platform and ...
    Toko Mall (NFT)

  • For Farming Pools what can users do with TKO? Users can lock/stake their TKOs and earn other tokens for free in a farming pool of their choice.

  • Add Toko Token to your public watchlist and paste the URL


If you successfully complete the quiz, you should receive $2 of TKO tokens as a reward. Note that the rewards are limited so hurry up, first come first served! 

Thanks for reading.


Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading actions.

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