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1 month ago
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We are with many. Not everyone is happy to be alive. Happiness is overrated anyway. The more we try to be happy, a force that smiles upon our face the more fake we feel. Sooner or later that fake takes revenge on us and we come to the point we have to admit life isn't what we expected from it. We had it with it, the trying, the never-ending positive attitude, seeing the bright sides of life only. Disappointment, the life-is-unfair-feeling, anger, depression and the unanswered question: How come everyone is happy except me? What is wrong with me?

What is wrong? Wrong is to force an identity, personality, and optimism upon yourself. Acting can be fun but not if there's no balance between the real you and the actor also known as the pretender.

Wrong is to believe everyone is happy. Most of us are not. People have issues, make them and give them to others. It doesn't need to be complicated to do so. People can make your life better but in most cases, it's the opposite. No one is perfect and it's natural to stick to your own kind or search for the opposite, someone who can help you out.

If life is not attractive, if you had it with it, if you do not have a bucket list or in your opinion, you are finished with life that should be respected. In some cultures it is, in others, it's seen as a big crime. A crime frequently based on religious ideas, not each person living on this globe shares. Even if that would be the case ask yourself who are you to judge? If there's a God who has planned your life what makes you believe he did not plan the way you die? He planned the death of his only son and before that son the life of many others.

Not everyone who ends his life is depressed feels lonely or calls for attention. You don't need to be sick, old either. For sure life isn't a gift for each one of us. New life rarely is a sign of true love. It's the result of hormones and wanting what others have so society will respect you although in many cases they still ban you and make your life a hell. Protestors against abortion will not sit next to your bed if you are giving birth, they will not love and take care of the child ones born, make sure it has a great life because life is a gift and all life does matter. They don't do it for you or the (unborn) child but themselves. They protest to be noticed.

If you are finished with life you are satisfied with what you did. There's no bucket list, there are no things to do, there's no fear for the future or the need to wait and see what more the future will bring. It is good as it is.
Satisfaction is something precious. How easily we forget in our battle for happiness satisfaction is the key. There's no need to be like everyone else, there's no need to act, do like the rest, to try to be very successful. With satisfaction, you have everything you need. The basics of life are still shelter, food and some hygiene. Repeating yourself, doing the same chores over and over again, watching your steps, tiptoeing through life is not the way to achieve what we all need most. Peace, harmony, unity of body and soul without stress brought by others.

Do you truly believe we all can be rich, famous and happy? No way. People will always envy and fight their enemies. The dictators love to live forever and will do everything to realize that. They are the ones who fight dirty wars in a never-ending cycle. We see it happen year after year how tiny men try to compensate and turn into monsters.

You don't need to be 91 years old to have seen it all, to decide it is time to leave because you have seen and had it all. Your life is good as it was there's nothing that can make it better.
The pill of Dion can help. No mess if you take it and before you do you cancel your magazines, the provider, end your Facebook account and e-mail address. You give your furniture away and tell your landlord you move out. You can even pick your spot on the graveyard and decide where you want to die. Which place, date and time. A soft death, endless sleep for a satisfied man who had everything he had wished for. How much better that sounds than being hit by a car, being gang-raped and killed, murdered by the police who doesn't care if you can breathe or being shot with a machinegun in the mall where you went to have a cold, burned burger at a fast-food restaurant. The pill of Dion makes it possible but was denied. The government did not allow it because the government is the only one who decides who can live and who can die.

The planned epidemic proved it again. Everyone in need of medical health could drop dead. The hospitals reduced their IC beds and stated (complained) there is no room left for other patients than those with Covid-19. Many of them were unhealthy, overweight, had several other serious health issues. The coronavirus was the only way to get medical help.
Many people died because of a lack of medical help. The care stopped and indeed it made me wonder how hospitals could claim to be so busy. All the other patients were rejected. They died at home, died because operations needed didn't take place. People with cancer can die. "October 2023 you can count with a hospital bed," the head of the hospitals said. October 2023...the same date the experiment with vaccines and pills... how much a human can take should come to an end. I know, you know, that will never happen. We follow the footsteps of a cruel man named Fauci, we watch Australia's cruelties and the vaccination disasters in Israel.
Governments decide who has to live, who needs to die. Their decisions have nothing to do with happiness of being fair but for sure they are satisfied with the results. Spreading fear, control, depopulation and a brave new world where only a few pull the strings.

There's a very small chance you will be one of them, be that successful but how you live your life is up to you. A successful life is one that satisfies you. No one should live anyone else's dream. There's no need to fight a war someone else started. Choosing for yourself doesn't make you a coward or a second class citizen. If life is a gift at all you can do with that gift as you like. You can live it to the fullest, try to make the best out of what you have or give up on it.

From 2019 till today September 9, 2021, many people died. Not because of Covid-19 but because of lockdowns, restrictions, denied health care, suicides, increasing crimes, child abuse, violence at home and vaccinations. Many more will follow in the next five to ten years.
The murders above are ignored, called legal or a side effect. There are no efforts taken to help those in need (financial, medical) but the pill of Dion is back and subject of discussion in politics. After so many passed away, way more than covid-19 alone could ever kill, it sounds phoney to state life is precious. It is hypocritical to say everyone has to stay alive if saving the planet is more important than saving human's and animal's lives.

Life is not about fairness, not about happiness but satisfaction. Satisfaction you will find in what you do for yourself in the first place, others in the second place. You are your only best friend. You are born with you and will die with you. It's wise to spend most time with yourself and get to know you. Respect and accept the unique person you are. If it comes to life quality counts not quantity. This is reason enough to decide for yourself when to say: My life is fulfilled. I am done with it.

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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   735
1 month ago
Topics: Health, Writing, Lifestyle, Blogging, 2021, ...
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You never failed to make me think of different point of views..

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