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What do you know?

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2 months ago

What is it you know for real? The knowledge, opinions you have on which information are they based? We all are influenced by teachers, communities we join and most of all the media. If the media writes a demonstration was ended by the police because of the aggression and violence we believe it. Even if the demonstration was peaceful and not one single person was harmed and it continued for many more hours. This is reality, not made up. Those present know the truth, the police do but no says: This is wrong. This is fake news. Even if the news is fake the harm is already done. A certain seed is planted and it will grow in the minor part of the population their brains. Those people will not look any further into it. They will not search for the truth or ask around which is fine with the media. Their only task is to spread the news ordered by governments and their Big Bosses, to suggest it is as they described in the screaming header of what hardly can be called an article. They know, count on it most people read the headers only. Those headers which 20 years ago were only used by gossip magazines for old ladies. Magazines you felt embarrassed about to buy or "read" at the hairdresser. Today this is the news every paper serves is. No news, old news, screaming headers, clickbait, lies, brainwash material, fake.

If it comes to fake and lies, everything is written above we all claim we find it disgusting. We say we do not fall for it but at the same time, we do. Every header we see, that screams at us is news to us. We even share it on social media. The social media we say we hate and of course that's the reason we join the blockchain sites but in reality, we share it as fast as we can because to us this is news. We forward, copy-paste and even preach it instead of ignoring it. For sure the media and governments and their big bosses laughing their heads off. It must be great to see how entire nations can be fooled, how you can rule and fear people worldwide by paying governments, taking over their post, television, telecommunication centres, by owning the hundreds of houses meant for the poor.

We are manipulated on purpose without being aware of it. It's fascinating if you see how many years and time is invested to plan this. A goal was set, a plan made, it took some years but here we are. At least we nearly are. Two more generations need to die and no one will complain, tell or remember how it once was, life once was with equal rights, a constitution, democracy.

"Give the people bread and games"... an old tactic to make the dumb nation focus on something else instead of the crazy leaders, high taxes, wars.
Ages passed by and we are at the same point with one small difference 'bread and games' are changed into 'a break of the lockdown'. After being in lockdown for so long (what it does to prisoners we all know) they let the people out of the hole to have some fun, enjoy the sun, some travelling, a festival and the disco. Family can be hugged again and even the facemask can be removed. What do the people say: We are grateful we are allowed to go outside.
Grateful? Not that long ago it was normal to go outside. It was normal to hug, shake a hand. It was normal to decide for yourself at what time you left your home. Now we, the young ones, are grateful. Now we say " thank you" for what should be normal and is a legal right!
For sure those who planned this all are pleased to hear these responses. This is what they want. A dictator his biggest enemies are those who have an opinion of their own. Intelligent, educated people. People with dreams and a will of their own, people with a backbone, willing to die for their dreams, the truth. If you wonder why education worldwide drops so fast here is your answer.

It is like U. Nies said: You lock in a rabbit, give it a carrot after some days and next... if he wants to bite it you take it away".

It's torture, torture and manipulation, a war against the people. Governments fighting their nation. They say in war everything is permitted which brings us to lies, dirty tricks, distraction methods. Who is celebrating the summer, being outside, will not ask a question, not search for a hidden agenda?

My truth isn't your truth. Each nation is raised differently. Wikipedia is a good example of it. If we search for the same information or person in different languages we read a different text. If I use google and type in English the hits shown to me are different from what someone overseas sees or in Germany. This has nothing to do with personal interests but the country where I live. Still, it's possible to find answers to burden questions even if my government don't want me to read them. There is always a way.

Hitler's book 'Mein Kampf' for example is available and you can read it. It might be interesting to know more about the boy who wanted to be an artist. The man was a vegetarian and even fought for a country that wasn't his (he was born in Austria). If it comes to history we hardly learn anything about a person only who's the bad guy and who is the hero. So I was taught the Americans, Canadians and Englishmen are good guys, our aliens because they saved us from the Germans. What I never understood is why the Russians were not called good guys. The east part of the country was freed by them. They were never called heroes, never invited and till today the EU, our government tries to boycott them. Is each person able to think should wonder why? Why are we told for so many years Russia is the enemy? Which hidden agenda is behind this all? How come each election in the EU ends in the same way as in the USA (indeed Trump was an exception but he was removed fast and from the moment on he was elected the bad guy).

Everyone should ask himself: Are there only bad or good people, bad and good nations or is there a large group in between both? Is a large group vulnerable, manipulated and good enough to use by good or bad? Shouldn't we ask ourselves how good those good guys are for real? It seems to me there isn't much respect or freedom from the sides of the good guys. They do not care about how others feel just see them as handy tools to achieve their own goals and increase their own power.
By now we all should be intelligent enough to recognize lies, manipulation and know scams are not told by commercials only, our neighbour, partner or the stranger who sent an email or made us pay for a lie told. One we love to believe because the truth (staying sick, dying, being poor, high debts, being single/unloved) is harder to deal with. The government is the biggest criminal of all. She raises and brainwashes each one of us for generations. Some people more than others but they do. Her information never is or was objective. If the government tells you something at all it's to push you into a certain direction. Ministers get paid for it and you pay the price.

If you are into history, the Medieval is familiar to you, you've been in a concentration camp yourself, been molested, tortured, an inmate you know exactly which methods are used to break people. If this is not the case you've seen for sure films or series where they tell you all about it (good cop bad cop, being hunted by men in black). The series 'Homeland' (Netflix) is a good example of how far the interfering and dirty tricks go, how much people are abused. So is 'Borgen' another series (government and dirty tricks to fool the people). 'Real Human', 'The black mirror', we watch it all as if it's science fiction and are not aware of what happens in front of our face. You can keep telling you this isn't real but that doesn't mean what you believe is the truth. Like we all know history repeats itself. I wonder how many of us will say "ich habe es nicht gewusst" (I didn't know).

#kittywu #life #politics #psychology #brainwashing

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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   721
2 months ago
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Right now here, people are a little more daring in voicing their frustrations and demanding answers (not that they get it) But true, you take it too far and you are hauled into the police station Not everyone is daring enough to ruffle feathers I won't lie, I am not and pick and choose my battles

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2 months ago

The powet of brainwashing yes. The trick to get us somewhere according to their plans. Yes, and sometimes people refuse what's actually happening , and what the lies are. This, this whole never-ending cycle is the reality.

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2 months ago