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Waste, the smell of decay

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1 month ago

I don't like to waste or throw away anything I can still use. So this summer, I'm wearing the dress again that actually fell apart when I bought it. The fabric is too thin, so it has holes in it and tears easily. The first tears appeared where the fabric was sewn together.

This year I decided not to try to sew the cracks any more, just holes. Why? Because if what I have sewn tears again, it is a waste of my time and sewing thread. After all, I only wear the dress at home when I am gardening or taking care of the animals and because I cannot walk around here in a bikini.

My youngest saw a rack of dresses. Dresses I love. My style, so to speak. In the past, when I was a teenager, those dresses were easier to come by. In recent years I rarely see them anymore. Instead, I wear gothic dresses. The brand Vampire has beautiful ones, although they are quite expensive. Fortunately, I can wear them for life because I don't grow any more. One or two dresses is enough. Two for summer and two for winter and in case of emergency a pair of jeans.

I have two of those too. One is my daughter's old trousers and one is my son's who recently said that his trousers are too small. I don't throw away what is good. I fit into one of the three and I kept the other two. Maybe I will fit in them later when I lose more weight or my youngest will fit in them.

They are nice, solid trousers and, as the saying goes, he who keeps something has something.

I am not only careful with what we have, but also with what we keep. We don't care about the latest fashion, we wear what we feel good in and you only need a sense of style to look good. Interestingly enough, my children have all that. Even though I'm not interested in clothes, I know what my children like and what suits them, and that's why my youngest suddenly goes for skirts and dresses again. Skirts and dresses that were trendy when I was a teenager or my mother and grandmother were. When it comes to clothes, all styles always come back, so if you're careful with your clothes...

When it comes to food, I don't throw anything away either.

From the tomatoes and peppers I got, I made a tomato salad and tomato soup twice. I save the soup that is left over for later.

If there is meat in it, I try to use it as efficiently as possible. From the minced meat I made soup balls and meatballs. Good for three meals. I do not believe that a vegatarian lifestyle is healthy. If that were the case, the human body would not be lacking vitamin B12, among other things.

I don't have a lot of fruit and vegetable waste.

The little I have, I keep in a bucket on the counter. A small bucket of edible kitchenscraps for the chickens and a small bucket for the compost heap. Although it is now less warm in the house and I clean the buckets with chlorine, I notice that they always smell. The smell of decay is hard to ignore. Unfortunately for me, every smell is hard to ignore, including the smell of the litter box.

We should burn incense all day long, I said to the youngest yesterday. In the old days, the old days that weren't even that long ago, I used to do that every day. I used to keep the sticks in the wardrobe, the bedside table, the glove compartment of the car or in my handbag because the smell of it calms us down. I also keep the empty boxes because they too smell nice. A shame to throw them away, isn't it?

Meanwhile, I am also saving the brown cardboard boxes and brown paper. Next year, I will use them again in the garden to fight the growth of weeds. Brown cardboard does not have to go in the paper bin but can be reused if only to put the wet winter boots on or as insulation for the windows.


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Written by   841
1 month ago
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I love to wear dresses too but for now i use what is in my closet which is more on t-shirt and jeans. Maybe when I got married I would definitely feel of becoming a lady and wear dresses of my style. Hehe I like how minimalist and organize your life is. Btw, cool kids:)

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1 month ago