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Vaccination time

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4 months ago
Topics: 2020, Life, Covid19, Thoughts, Coronavirus, ...

The first vaccinations arrived in Europe. East Europe and Italy and it's questionable if they do what some "experts", the developers, say they do. Besides an explosion in Germany, suicides, and Asians fearing for the second wave, life goes on. A supermarket is schooling managers within one week, the closed borders are open again and will close again because in the UK and Israel the next mutation of the coronavirus is found. This one was imported from South-Africa which means while we all stay home some people are still traveling. This virus reminds me of HIV. At the time HIV was discovered and the first people were infected blood transfusions, dentists, gynecologists, et cetera too we felt the world came to an end. No vaccination against HIV was developed though, no vaccination against cancer or any other disease nations suffer from. Malaria is one of them. Way more people die and have health issues because of malaria but it's as if only the coronavirus exists, counts.

Specialists, those other specialists, those who have to shut up and are labeled by media and governments as liars, are angry because simple treatment isn't promoted. Not one single advice to take vitamins D3, no advice to take zinc or iodine. No ivermectin treatments. No advice to lose weight. It makes one wonder but also, to be honest with you, it's your fault if you catch the flu. Not one of those I know catches the flu, was infected with thé coronavirus. We work, use public transport, visit school, the supermarket. A part of us has cancer, immune diseases and is overweight but no covid-19, no one died. It makes one wonder.

The " specialists" say the developed vaccine, developed against the first type of thé Coronavirus will be guaranteed work against the mutations. Guaranteed? They can not even guarantee it will against the first. Some might, some for a few weeks only, the rest will not have any benefit from it except for the placebo effect. For sure you know tests are done with the vaccine and placeboes. The vaccine will be a placebo to many which are fine with me. Once being twice vaccinated you are free to travel by plane and more interesting, hug, shake hands, cough, and spit into someone's face. How cool is that? You can have sex again, rape, because no one knows if the virus in sperm is active, good enough to infect people.

"I feel compelled to tell lies to my patients, said general practitioner Els van Veen during her testimony before the extra-parliamentary commission of inquiry. And when she tells the truth, people get angry with her because the media has "been telling lies for months."

“I am in conflict with my oath,” Van Veen sighs. She says she cannot honestly inform people about the coronavirus because most are very afraid of this virus.

The family doctor was told by radio that she must help vaccinate against corona from 1 January next year. She doesn't feel like it. “I don't want this vaccine and I don't want to give this vaccine to others. Simply because I am convinced that the remedy is much worse than the disease. ” In addition, she says she has not been informed about the possible side effects that these new RNA vaccines can cause in the long term."

Her statement is way longer (the part above is translated by Google) and it's alarming to read how doctors are forced to harm people but too how people feel free to get angry with them if they say their opinion. No, I won't believe this attitude will change. Doctors are what witches were during the Medieval century. They are good if they are safe you, safe stupid people but bad and need to be destroyed if they don't cure, safe, say what we like to hear.

The statement above proves doctors do, act, and say as told by the government. They are forced to. Loyalty is asked.

"As a doctor, I am not allowed to harm healthy people. Besides, I like people well informed before I treat them.

I will now mention what I have experienced regarding the seriousness of COVID-19 in my practice from mid-March. I run my practice together with another GP. We have registered approximately 2,750 patients. From the beginning of this year, the messages about the new coronavirus came. From February it seemed the virus from Wuhan, by air travelers, to Europe. In that month we still had regular consultation hours. Many people had respiratory complaints. I posed relatively in February many upper respiratory infections, with a normal course. As for the coronavirus we were kept informed by the RIVM, but also by the NHG (Dutch General Practitioner Association), the GGD, the local GP organization Medrie and the Isala hospital in Zwolle.

The lockdown came in mid-March. The profession of about 12,000 general practitioners got through, at that time. Medical Contact informed them that they could sign up for a refresher course on COVID-19. In my memory, about 12,000 GPs took part in the first course. Marion Koopmans, a virologist, was present at that first training. The outpatient clinics in the hospital were closed in mid-March. We did overnight totally different consultation hours because all GP practices were also more or less closed. The people were not allowed to come, only by appointment and if we were sure that people did not have coughing complaints or temperature increase. The doctors' assistants were very busy on the phone. People who had a respiratory infection at home, and were not very vulnerable, received a telephone call advice from the doctor. I found that difficult, because we could not hear the lungs, nor the skin color, and the situation could be seen. I had to do my job wrong.

The fear and panic were great, not only among the patients but also among many colleagues. It was a new virus. There were fierce images on TV every day. We thought we were in great danger ourselves.

Very sick people were visited by a doctor in a protective suit. Because there was a shortage of protective suits, we divided a group of GPs. One took turns GP consultation in protective clothing. In no time we had in Kampen, in our city, one special location to assess people with respiratory complaints. Neither VWS nor RIVM nor GGD helped us set up an airway consultation hour at a special location. Two companies from Kampen have helped Pro Deo; delivered a port-au-cabin for example.

All people whose complaints were not urgent were kept away. Especially from April people got cranky because some felt that corona came before everything.

By mid-April, it was clear to me that COVID-19 was not the serious disease that was feared. I saw no difference - in terms of clinical presentation - with flu/influenza.

Throughout March and part of April, GPs were advised not to test. The GGD was not here equipped for. Fortunately, Isala Hospital, the Medical Microbiology Department, already had their PCR tests made available for the coronavirus. We received a letter about this at the beginning of March. That was very nice because that way I could take tests myself when I found it necessary, for example, to assess whether someone had to go to the hospital, but also to find out whether carers needed protective clothing. Namely, there was a shortage of protective clothing, not just for GPs but for specialists in geriatric medicine (formerly: nursing home doctors), nurses outside the hospitals, and carers outside the hospitals too.

I took tests myself. The tests were reviewed by the microbiology department at Isala Hospital. That worked very well. The medical microbiologist called me about positive results. To my surprise, some very elderly people were corona positive. These elderly people were healed, all of them. Not a single patient from our practice died. One person has been admitted to the hospital for one week and not on the IC."

If you read so far, what do you think? Did this doctor make it up? She is seen as a danger to society and so are other doctors, specialists who cured people instead of letting them die. I saw a doctor his YouTube video months ago. He said things you might not believe but it all turned out to be true. Including YouTube removing his video message. It's the same behavior we see on Facebook, Twitter, and more social media. We want answers, ask for it and if we get them but we can't cope with it. We get angry, aggressive, depressed, and blame others for our blindness.

"I noticed the pressure on doctors not to criticize. KNMG chairman Héman wrote on 9 March 2020 the following under this message (in which doctors were critical of the policy of the RIVM): on-test.htm

“Over the past week I have read several articles, columns and tweets about the approach to the coronavirus. There are doctors who feel they should have been tested, who take the measures as not enough and think that the spokesperson should change. I understand the concerns, but I want doctors ask to actively support the approach of the RIVM and the GGDs in this phase: they are the experts.

It may seem different in times of fuss and social media, but luckily we have like doctors in the Netherlands still have authority. What we think and say is important to many people. Fortunately, I also see people who, in my view, demonstrate their expertise very well, I think for example to neurologist Theo van Woerkom or lung specialist Sander de Hosson, who are good on twitter provides explanations and in-depth information. I think it is very important that we doctors are now cautious with one-sided stories and criticism of the actions of the GGDs and the RIVM.

We must realize that these parties now simply do not have time to respond to criticism, whether justified or not. Let's keep our critical notes for the evaluation and then hear both sides. Then we can also see whether a protocol was good or not."

What Héman stated is all doctors, specialists should preach the same story and later can be discussed if it worked out well. Later... after many died, suffer from the side-effects, the freedom is taken away. Later if the environment is saved, the burden of the existence of the elderly is solved. For the moment it's better to lie. In Dutch we would call this a "god's spé".

"In the summer, the media coverage increasingly diverged with my experiences as a doctor. The ICs were no longer full. The people no longer had severe images of the flu / COVID-19. However, the atmosphere that the doctors' organizations continued to radiate was "be one with one accord and do not express criticism, because it is a crisis.

"But I myself did not think it was a crisis since May. Besides, I was not very impressed by the COVID-19 clinical picture that I had seen myself. It looked exactly like the flu.

I want to emphasize that when we are diagnosed with influenza, we do not have to take a test for . I want to further emphasize that in the first months (when we couldn't test yet) people died from COVID-19 without a test. We got like GPs reported that just "a strong suspicion" was also sufficient to press the death form COVID-19. I'm sure a lot of GPs have done that, true they would have previously entered "flu".

The flu wave was over from half-past March. And I haven't read any reports of another flu wave yet.

I would also like to tell you that the people who die every year from influenza outside the hospital are old and often have underlying suffering. We speak carefully with those people where they please passing away. After explaining their condition, people consciously choose to change their home situation. As the cause of death, I sometimes enter 'influenza' (medical jargon for flu), but sometimes also the disease that is the underlying cause of death, such as cancer or heart failure, or old age.

I am convinced that the figures of the CBS (where all causes of death are registered) are overvalued when it comes to COVID-19. I find this detrimental to confidence in science and medicine.

I want to emphasize that trust is the foundation of the work of doctors. I would also like to tell you that young people can also die from the flu too. If that happens it is in the Hospital. A test is taken there. I also want to mention that the word "flu" is often used (incorrectly) for a mild cold with a sore throat and a little fever. That's not the flu. True flu means about a week high fever, limp legs, and risk of complications such as pneumonia."

The statement is way longer but I want to close this article with this part:

"On October 7, 2020, a study entitled Global perspective of COVID-19 epidemiology for a full-cycle pandemic was published by John Ioannides. In summary, the mortality rate, IFR, of the coronavirus is 0.23 percent, and under 70 it is even lower; 0.05%.

If you ask me this is enough to think about, to consider, and to ask yourself if you are in the right way. Do you still keep distance, wash your hands, clothes after you been outside? Do you use a new, the right face mask each time you go out? How bad is the pollution inside your home? Do you ventilate at least two times a day for two hours? If it is as they say it is. What exactly is, still, in your hands? We cannot expect to live forever. We are mortal and our health is our responsibility. To me it feels as if this will never end. With this I don't mean thé coronavirus. This virus and it's mutations will remain forever but the dictatorship of certain people, the health organizations and pharmaceutical industry. They are the only ones who do great business. They sell because they spread fear but we get I'll and due anyway. It's part of our nature.

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Written by   631
4 months ago
Topics: 2020, Life, Covid19, Thoughts, Coronavirus, ...
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I don't think we would accept the vaccine here in our province. In every new vaccine released. Our place is the last one to accept or decline. I'm glad we are part of autonomous region.

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4 months ago

They say carbonation is free choice. Those I know refuse but for sure plenty of people want to have it and "plenty" is enough.

What bothers me is the government says it's a free choice but puts restrictions to those who refuse although even if we all wanted it there is not enough. They will not buy enough to vaccinate the entire nation.

The vaccines are not tested on pregnant women, women with a wish for children, people with auto immune diseases et cetera.

Why did the EU already in advance say they will pay health claims caused by the vaccine?

What is questionable to is those vaccinated will not all receive the same vaccine and you as a person will not receive any proof of it. This means one day you get sick and the doctor says it can't be the vaccine because A doesn't cause it, you has X and D but no one knows.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

They should have tested it first before final release. Or don't give it to people who do not want it. They should have given more vitamins to strengthen the immune system that newly discovered vaccines.

Now, freedom becomes a myth.

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4 months ago

It's tested three times they say but 44 people... The Oxford vaccine is delayed and some other vaccine (French?) was taken back. All tests are also not done in the same way which means there's no way to figure out if it works, harms, harms in the long term.

A huge mistake was made with the vaccine against the Mexican flu. It's not that long ago. The pharmaceutical industry filled its pockets, countries spent millions and people died or suffer from serious immune diseases. No one cares and the bit you receive for the damage done, you are forced into is peanuts.

Only on long term it can be said if it works, has no side effects with all those vaccines people already get, medication, et cetera. It isn't that simple. It can trigger cancer too but for sure no one will blame the vaccine or any vaccine for that.

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4 months ago

Whoa! You really know what you are doing! Your article topics alone spark curiosity 😊. Thanks again for reading mine

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4 months ago