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Treasures of mother nature - Vegan or not?

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8 months ago
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I remember the first vegan recipe I tried and called vegan, it was for Christmas, very well.

It was with spinach and although I love spinach, it was disgusting. Not only was it gross, but there was nothing festive about it.

Why did I eat this? Maybe to try something new. In any case, the ingredients were not cheaper than if I had bought a great piece of meat. This meal was disappointing, not enjoyable and it occurred to me that one can also eat by simply leaving out the meat.

Meat is not part of my daily meal because it has been relatively expensive for at least 30 years. The elite want us to eat less meat and the government wants to levy extra taxes on meat, poultry and fish.

I believe it was Bill Gates who said: Let the rabble eat insects.

Bill Gates, Schwab and consorts certainly do not leave a steak out and enjoy life. Those who own everything have the right to gorge themselves. Fat, old men rule the world, and I am amazed at how easily the people fall for their talk of health. Soros, Fauci, Schwab, Gates and the rest look anything but healthy. The average leaders of the countries are severely overweight just like their specialists (let PM Rutte be an exception but he still does not look healthy).

Can you love animals and still eat them?

My answer is yes, and contrary to popular belief I would happily slaughter an animal if I wanted to eat meat. As far as slaughtering (killing) is concerned, I don't think one animal is worth more than another and killing an animal feels no different to me than cutting down a tree. Nature gives and has a wealth of nourishment and therefore it is appropriate to give thanks for the treasure given.

When I collect eggs, I thank the chickens. Laying an egg is a labour in itself and given the cackling that precedes it, not as easy as people think.

A tree is also a living being. Even one that provides us with oxygen and filters toxic substances from the air, just like any plant does. A tree or plant that dies releases all these toxic substances. Imagine the amount of poison a 50 or 100 year old tree has to contain. Planting a new tree does not change this fact much. It will take years before all that poison is filtered out of the air again.

I have no desire to become a vegetarian or vegan.

I certainly have no intention of buying veg burgers and all that chemical ready-made food. I don't like fasfood, factory food and food from packets or pouches. Not only is it expensive but it's also terribly salty (especially salt) and chemical (mainly E-numbers damaging ones health).

Vegan burgers, just like other vegan ready-to-eat food, are unhealthy. If you want to eat chickpeas or beans, you can also make them yourself. Whoever eats vegan is not necessarily healthy and responsible. This is an illusion. The packaging of this food alone pollutes the environment, just like the food itself. Everything that is processed is unhealthy, not to mention the transport and cultivation method and the prior cutting of forests.

More nature, Bill roars, but there really won't be more nature, otherwise not so many forests would be cut down to build his windturbines and the parks wouldn't disappear en masse. Each nation could provide in its own clean air. Building parks, roof terraces and gardens, anyone who has a garden may not tile it and so on. The solutions are obvious, they have been talked about it for years, but nothing has been done.

The new world, 1984, does not want a healthy person but a couple of hungry slaves.

The Hunger Games is on the way. Do you think it won't go that fast? Then look back in history. You are shocked when you see how much nonsense has been talked into our heads. Nonsense regarding using real butter, eggs and drinking milk. We had to eat margarine with trans fats and palm fat (good for cancer and heart diseases), use light products, take chemical sweeteners and more and more vitamins and minerals. Despite the prosperity, the human body suddenly lacks everything. The reason? Fruit and vegetables have been genetically manipulated and contain hardly anything of value for the human body.

Our body no longer absorbs anything with the exception of high doses of chemicals.

We can't have butter, the milk is skimmed, eggs are bad.

Most fish is banned, there is an extra tax on everything that contains salt and sugar, lemonade and also fruit juice and water too. Soon there will be an extra tax on meat because eating meat should be punished, at least when it comes to ordinary citizens. Those ordinary people who can't afford meat/fish/poultry and who can't afford those expensive veggie burger either

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet is not necessarily good or healthy.

The human body gets a shortage of vitamins and minerals and therefore B12, K2, Calcium to start with have to be taken again (from pills the body only absorbs a very small percentage). Manufacturing pills and jars is just as unfriendly to the environment as making vegan burgers. Packaging, manufacturing, transportation, growing soybeans, felling forests… none of this is environmentally friendly. Soybeans are not super healthy and neither is using oil pressed from seeds.

It's interesting that after decades of promoting how bad butter, milk, fish and meat are, it will soon be the only thing starving humans can eat besides what they find in the wild.

The Hunger Games have been staged and anyone who believes that animal food is unhealthy will have a hard time finding something to eat at all.

The world has been forced to live on oil and grains on false propaganda, fake news and misleading education. Even our pets and livestock are presented with this. Now that there is a lack of oil and grain has been staged, I am curious what the average person will eat.

The old-fashioned meal of potatoes was not so crazy after all.

Potatoes contain vitamins and minerals, a glass of milk, an egg and daily dose of a few hours sun (without cancer-causing sunblock) your health will come a long way. You just have to want it and stop ingesting chemical junk.

There is life without the pharmaceutical industry if you are willing to take a step back, invest in your health and get off all those drugs that include chemical additives in food. What is not natural does not belong in our body and even if you do not consume fast food your immune system still get enough to deal with that is if your immune system still functions.

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Written by   854
8 months ago
Topics: Diet, Culture, Writing, Health, Thought, ...
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