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Today, August 4, 2022 - new gardening start

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1 month ago

I told you I'm disappointed about what I did grow so far. I bought seeds at MM (Makkelijke Moestuin which means: Easy gardening) and they provide in an app that tells you exactly what to do as well.

For the English version (android/iOS) see Planty Gardening App.

I hope for some better results if I go for 30x30 centimeters per species (only a few plants). A plus is the results shouldn't take long plus most of the summer is over (not really). What I didn't buy is their soil because it's too expensive for me at the moment. They say their soil will remain good forever. 🤔

Btw, a colleague of my youngest gave me some tomatoes (I'm going to make tomato soup out of them), three paprika and... a small fig tree! I'm super happy with all these gifts and will plant the tree soon (needed to figure out where since it should be partly in the shade and it needs to be in sight so for now it stays in the bathroom).

Interesting is both children kind of liked the figs they tried (amazing the youngest did try and said it had a bit in common with pear but I don't think so.)


So what will I give a try?

Sugarnaps (kind of beans with peas that you can eat just like that. Good for the lazy person/cook), lettuce (supposed to be Asian and instead of picking/cutting the whole head you only take away the leaves that you need to eat. This is something you can also do with normal lettuce), endive (originally this goes with mashed potatoes and is a winter dish. It used to be boiled, next it was added raw to boiled potatoes and today it is also eaten as a salad. How easily eating habits changed. The interesting thing is that when it comes to healthy food and health, the average person has not become healthier), and finally beetroot (beetroot used to be eaten a lot during my childhood and I like it. They are very healthy and I don't care if people say it's food for pigs.).


Do you grow anything and if what? All those veggies might be good but vegetables alone won't make a great meal. It won't fill the stomach and since humans aren't herbivores it's hard to digest and get vitamins and minerals out of it.

Btw, I have plenty of eggs more than we can eat. I wish I could trade them for something else but most people here already have chickens. I wonder what they do with all their eggs. For sure I'm one of the few people baking and cooking.

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Written by   841
1 month ago
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Eggs would be good for making a lot of desserts the easiest "Leche Flan", it's steamed not baked.

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1 month ago

I will see if I can find a recipe. I don't want the eggs to be spoiled. For year's I'm cooking/baking without eggs (always been expensive). Today I need to learn using eggs again. 😄

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1 month ago