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The fight against a painful bladder

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A bladder infection is not as harmless as some people want us to believe because so many suffer from it. If you are that person, have chronic infections it's hard to function in a normal way, to work, keeping a smile on your face, act normal and have a good night rest.
Pain is no fun and this type of pain eats you. The infection will cause fever and it feels as if someone hits you on your bladder every few minutes or... seconds. These are painful cramps and it feels as if you need to pee every few minutes which means you spend a lot of time on the toilet for a few drops. Not everyone suffers as much. To some it's just painful, others feel a twinge of pain and pee blood and have a high fever within twenty minutes.

Advises given to cure a bladder infection are drinking a lot and using high doses of vitamin C, avoid sugar and wiping off your bottom from the front to the back.
Drinking a lot means more toilet visits which means even more pain. The idea behind it is to pee out bacteria.
High doses of vitamin C are meant to change the urine. The body cannot store vitamin C and bacteria have a hard time in an acidic environment. This trick could help although today doctors/scientists say it's pointless just like avoiding sugar.
Avoiding sugar is another way to stop bacteria from growing, it means a change of the urine. The meaning of wiping your bottom in the right way is to prevent the risk of more bacteria causing an infection.

Worldwide many, mainly females, suffer from bladder infections. In most cases, they do not suffer from it because they don't drink enough or don't know how to wipe off their underside. It is caused by sex, rape, giving birth, operations, been cut in the vagina, et cetera.
And... a bladder infection is a sexual disease! This is a fact. This also means it is pointless to take antibiotics if the partner doesn't take them. Rough sex, just like giving birth will damage the tissue and gives room to bacteria, infections. The more frequently it happens the more harm it will bring and the harder it is to cure the infection and kill the pain.

Sad is there's nothing that can cure it in long term (forever) if you do belong to the group of chronic patients. You might have better days but the infection can start from one moment to the next, without any warning. Already change of the weather, sitting outside in the sun is good to trigger it. A chronic patient should always be aware of the fact the infection comes back in most cases after sex. The bladder is the weak spot and should not be ignored. With some luck, the new attack can be killed without antibiotics, with bad luck you need to take them for months and still are in pain. Important in this case is you always have a dose at hand to act immediately.

Neglected bladder infections are dangerous. Not only the bladder can shrink but your kidneys can be infected. An infection during the pregnancy can harm the unborn and should be taken seriously as well.

"Interstitial cystitis (IC), often called painful bladder syndrome, is a tricky condition. It's tough to diagnose, and though treatments can make life with it better, there's no cure."

Although it's advised to go to the toilet to pee the bacteria out this is not what one suffering from a painful bladder syndrome should do. The bladder would only shrink faster (after each infection scarves are left).
The difference between a bladder infection and the syndrome is the syndrome doesn't start with an infection but... it's not said it cannot change into one and that's one of the tricky parts.

How to fight a bladder infection or this painful syndrome if antibiotics don't help?

It's hard to advice one cure that helps since each body is different and so is the lifestyle, autoimmune system and food intake.

Live a scheduled life, avoid stress, coffee, alcohol and don't smoke. Eat as healthy as possible and try to sleep enough (8-10 hours). Keep your bladder/belly warm. Drink enough and don't use toilet paper but water.
You can sit in a tub with (washing) soda 1-3 times a day. If you suffer from obstipation fight it.
Avoid cold and don't wear trousers, tight clothes. Fight the pain with painkillers or better a hot water bag or a warm bath or bed.

Cantharis D6 (Spanish fly) might do you good if you do not like antibiotics first or antibiotics on long term won't help.

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Written by   607
1 month ago
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