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The city

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8 months ago

We had to drive to the city. I am no longer a city person. These days are over. At least I found a free parking lot.

This should be a school. My child thinks it's the one the child of a teacher visits. It should be a good one but it is very religious which means it comes with a lot of extra religion must be present at events which my child doesn't want to be part of. I parked on the street at the right of it. Nice building. We need to cross the road. It's where the health center is.

I crossed the road and see this on my left hand.

Quickly I make a close up before I enter the health center.

"Why aren't they wearing a face mask? I thought it was required?"

Yes, it feels bitter to notice people don't care. I already saw it at the doctor's post. You are not allowed to enter the building. An employer asks you outside what you want. In our case a check-up of the youngest. This is common here and needed for the next check-up which is needed to visit the high school. The whole check-up is fake (we would call it "volksverlakkerij") and although nothing is really checked we have to come back because the international vaccination booklet is messed up by the one who clearly cannot read. The doctor wears a face mask the assistant doesn't.

One week later I drive to the capital city of Bács-Kiskun a province in the East of Hungary. It's here where the school is located which means it's here where the next tests will be done.

"Why don't they wear face masks, people clearly don't care."

My child goes inside the room alone. I have already been part of this adventure in the past and don't see any reason to be present during a hearing test and chit chat (foreigner visiting school here, how many languages do you speak, how long does it take to learn a language, et cetera).

While I wait a lady asks me if these are the papers and I hand over the file. The faster she works the better it is for me. The drive was long enough and I needed to pay to park and have no idea if it's enough.

If my kid is ready we move to the hall and wait for the next step.

"Why are they wearing the facemask like this? A great example for the children" I grumble.

It seems to be a custom in Hungary. Most people wear it this way or cover their lower lip with is. Interesting but not effective unless you use it to hide a chubby chin, a skin, or herpes infection.

I am grateful we can leave about 15 minutes later because one child waits outside and I have 30 minutes parking money left which means I can have a quick look at the market I saw.

If we leave the health center I spot a flower.

We turn around the corner to the right if we leave the health center and walk in the opposite direction as to where I parked my car.

It's still early. Churches at the left and the market is at the right.

If you ask me there's a church here for each religion. I have no idea when they are built and why there are so many. Religion and communism aren't something that goes hand in hand and in Hungary, people lived by the rules of communism. Perhaps this was their way to show they are different?

The tourist office is not the place for me to be although a map of this city wouldn't be a bad idea. I wonder how big this city is. If you ask me it's not. You always seem to drive in circles here.

Those white tents (stands) are the place where I like to have a look. It's not crowded and what you see is handcrafts. Homemade articles plus (healing) stones and alcohol. I assume at the end of the day people visit it, have a drink or...

Straight ahead you face the street with the churches I just showed but at the right and my back is more churches. This small market is on a very small square which means it's most likely a meeting point for church visitors as well.

It's clear what this is (at the left I mean).

The lower building is a bakery. They sell ice cream too. I offered the children one but after they saw it they refused. There's no chocolate available.

If it comes to bakery shops in Hungary. Most are no bakeries at all. The bread is delivered by a "bread factory". Those factories deliver at supermarkets as well. The same bread just 50% cheaper at the supermarket.

If you but pie or pastries don't surprised it's old, dry, or burned. They simply sell it and do not care telling you if you don't ask. You pay the full amount no discount for a three days old pie.

On my way back to the car I spotted this. No fountain but so cute.

Beauty of the day

Instead of an ice-cream, I bought a stone for the children. It was a quick walk but we saw enough this time.

The disappointment of the day was the most terrible French fries ever and the KFC junk food.

If you would work for me and serve this you will be sacked.

Sick trees are part of this city too.

#kittywu #traveling #smartphonephotography

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Written by   630
8 months ago
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Hmm.. so this is what a part of Hungary looks like. It doesn't seem like much after all. I was hoping for greener pastures but that froggy photo really got my attention 😂 it's too cute to ignore

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8 months ago

I really don't know what it's like in Hungary, but we rarely wear masks. Maybe when people walk into a pharmacy, a store, a boutique. It is not worn in cafes, nor outdoors, on the street. I hope CORONA passes soon.

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8 months ago

If you ask me, for me it is very exciting to travel and meet.

In my country you see people with facial masks in the same way. Protecting your jaw.

Our bakeries used to sell old bread, sweets and cakes as well. As if they were new cakes. And nobody says anything. The important thing is to sell.

It seems to me that you are describing a situation in my country, with the difference that the architecture you show is great !!

The flower is beautiful!!

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8 months ago