The call

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"I wandered the yard alone with the garden hose. After 10 minutes of listening, I decided to have a look at what the fuss was about. People sounded agitated and right after I heard the sirens. It was the first time since long I saw so many outsides gathered and again it was at Jim's house. I felt shocked. If something serious happens Jim is part of it. It was exactly the same years ago. At that time at least ten police cars showed up, no firefighters. They were alarmed by him because he lost his girl. Of course, it was a false alarm. It's his way of asking for attention every few years or so. It's always about someone missing."
The paper added to it the neighbor preferred to stay anonymous and it turned out Jim, the owner of the house, was missing and his garden was set at fire on purpose. Who saw or knew something could contact the paper. A phone number and e-mail address were written underneath the article.
He read it, knew something but didn't feel the need to call. That reporter would find out soon enough just like the rest of the world. The anonymous neighbor included.

At last Mother fell and lay gasping on the floor.
"Goodbye, mother. I told you to watch your words but you made your own plan. You should have been wiser."
On his way out he stepped on her knee. It snapped.
"Think before you speak and if you call for help be wise and keep the consequences in mind."
On his way out he noticed the door of the cellar. What was that smell? He opened it couldn't tell if it was the scent of death but there was something seriously wrong. What had she done this time? Where were the stairs?
"The stairs, where are they?"
She kept whining about her knee and how harsh he was on her but didn't answer the question.
"I'll make it easy for you. You tell me where the stairs are or I call the police and you know if they show up here there will be consequences for you."
She looked tiny but he knew she wouldn't give in. As long as he knew her she had been this way. Was there anyone who knew her for real? He left the house, dialed the emergency number, and gave the address.

"Why do you call?"
She hesitated. Her intentions were good but he didn't sound as if he was willing to listen to her.
"I am sorry about what I said yesterday. I want to apologize."
"...because I am a man it doesn't mean I am responsible for your misery neither for taking care of it."
His voice sounded bitter, bitter and tired.
"I am sorry."
She sounded sad and didn't wait for his answer but ended the call. Someone tried to phone her. Could it be Jim? The number was unknown.
"Good morning this is the Universal Medical Centre I have a call for you. Can you hold please?"
The line wasn't clear but therefore the message the doctor gave was. A young woman was found a while ago. By now she had left the hospital. She was fine but didn't seem to know anything about her past. He doubted it was caused by amnesia.
"I tried to contact Fidelo the chief inspector but his phone is switched off. Would you mind coming over here? Perhaps there's something you recognize."
There was no need to contact anyone. Fidelo was not available. She didn't know how to reach his colleague Ben and Jim was still gone. The only left of him was the house. The house with a garden set at the fire. The fire was made for a reason but not by Jim and she didn't do it either. She went into the newly decorated room. The women did a great job. She hoped that if she would find her little girl she would like it too. Her little girl... She swallowed. She was no longer a little girl but a woman. An adult woman, even older than she was as she gave birth to her.

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