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Renault - the lemon

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9 months ago
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Of course, this is the car I have and of course, it's broken again. I keep wondering how come I couldn't find all the trouble I have on the internet before I bought it. Believe me, I searched for it. I used the license plate number, checked how many owners it had, I bought it at a car shop where it stood in the showroom and at that moment it looked and drove good. Better than expected. I made a test drive with my daughter and after that, we picked up the youngest two and drove with them through the area. In between, I checked underneath the car and we tried out everything we could think of. It rained which made it easier. No one likes to get wet inside or drive around in a cold car during the winter.
Check, double-check and it's true what they say two (or more) see and think about more than one person. We took our time and you know what? It still turns out to be a lemon of a car.
The repairments we had to do we did ourselves. We spent weeks if not months figuring out why the damned car refused to start although it was twice if not three times repaired by a Renault dealer/service. One should think these are the specialists and they know everything about all the troubles this car has and believe me that is an awful lot and makes one think. The first thought is: how come Renault gets away with it? How can it be they keep selling trash for a very high amount without giving any service? How come this brand is not boycotted for making trash out of plastic which is for sure very bad for the environment!
Like said months of car trouble are behind me and it feels bitter, very bitter. As soon as I think it's good as it is (driving from A to B when needed I don't drive out of fun) something else gets broke unexpectedly.
Once back home after a visit to the riverside, the back window made a terrible noise. It's no longer possible to close it the heavy glass falls. It may be clear a car with no window is no fun to drive (winter will arrive) and cannot be left alone. So with the bad internet I have I tried to look for answers. While searching one problem after the next shows. How come google never showed me all these issues before I bought the car? I did visit the site before I bought this lemon. It's clear google cheats, the car seller lied and I didn't search long enough for a better car. One that could have cost half of the price I paid for this one.
By now my daughter lives a life without a car which saves one a lot of money and stress. What you own needs to be taken care of and all those hours I spent figuring it out, the money I wasted on repairments. The money I could have used for good food, public transport, a rental car once in a while or a cab.

That window in the back... according to the internet is held by a piece (or two) of plastic. This is most likely broke and if so it cannot be bought and be replaced. It sounds odd but it's the case. That's how cars are produced these days. People are forced into buying something brand new because they say it's better for the environment but we are all fooled. Producing a new car isn't good for the environment. Making parts that easily got broken isn't good for the environment. Cars made out of plastic aren't good for the environment. Modern products aren't good at all. It's just a way to make us buy and keep buying.

At this moment my dashboard is most likely broke. This is no fun but I can live with it. The window is broken (most likely the others will follow) which means repairing two windows will cost me as much as buying a different car. Perhaps I can even rent an apartment for that amount for three months. And what if the dashboard completely gives up? A new dashboard will cost me a few hundred euros too and of course, Renault doesn't pay for it. They know this Renault of them is bad but why should they care. Sold is sold right?

Tomorrow is another day. Since the car still drives and it hopefully won't rain I will drive to town and buy the heavy shopping I need. Bags of food for the dogs and cats. After that, I'll ask the car service club if they can help me. I don't think they can because they already said they cannot repair the dashboard either.
Next, I need to stay at home and wait for the new internet provider. They will test first if it's possible to have internet out here, in the middle of nowhere. After that, it's painting and timber time and if the car can't be repaired here I need to figure out how to fix the problem myself. I assume super glue won't do the trick but who knows there's a way to keep that window closed forever if I can't fix it.
It's kind of weird that a piece of broken plastic is enough to throw an entire car away. I'll be honest I am not willing to invest hundreds of euros in parts that will be broke soon enough again. People complained about the fact that's the case. Right after the year of warranty is over the original part bought gets broke. Sounds to me Renault makes a habit out of replacing parts of a bad car with the same trash. Again I ask: How come they get away with that?

No matter what people say the Renault car has way more issues than other cars. It's understandable that once you bought it you keep repairing it because you already invested in it. Indeed it is my fault I bought this car. I never intended to because the one I drove before was a Renault too. A car that had all kinds of problems I never had with any car before (the Chrysler is an exception if it comes to the electronics and the Citroën is a lemon too). All cars that might look great, have something extra on the inside but it's useless if you cannot drive it. I was thinking that perhaps it's cheaper to find a small apartment in town near to shops and a bus stop. It would save me a lot of gasoline, car repairs and the stress of finding a car mechanic who does not charge hundreds of euros for repairing nothing and creating the next problem.

Am I the only one with car problems?
No, I am not. I see brand new cars at the side of the road. I see long rows of cars waiting to be fixed. A friend owns a Renault for 3 years and 3 new motors and a few weeks later the clutch and gearbox were broken. Nearly 2000 euros it cost him and the car still didn't drive well and needs to be repaired again. "I'll use it a lot", he said but a car is meant to be used not to be parked the biggest part of the year. The car mechanics, the real ones who love cars is who I miss. Today it's all about making money fast. There's no need to keep customers satisfied since they will come back again sooner than expected anyway.

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Written by   807
9 months ago
Topics: 2021, Freewrite, Life, Renault, Car, ...
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It's mostly all about making profits these days for most service providers and manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is a secondary issue for them if it is even given any consideration at all. Why make a car or any product that will be challenging to fix without any plans for after sales maintenance facilities.

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9 months ago