Pets keep me (too) busy

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It is not always easy to have and care for a pet. I've had many and sometimes I wonder if I enjoy them or if keeping pets isn't a burden. Hours a day I am busy with care and regularly I have the feeling that I am missing out. I've already scooped up so much poop, mopped up pee, cleaned out lofts, and fought against ticks, worms, ear mites, and fly larvae that it makes me tired. Tired but also despondent at times. I would like to do something else or just do nothing.

I have to admit that on average I have lovely animals, but that takes a lot of time and work. An animal may be good-natured, but that doesn't mean it will try to be the boss. I have a house full of begging animals. The fish, dogs, cats, and chickens beg. When I am around or pass by it starts and at times it drives me crazy.

All those daily tasks doesn't seem to take a lot of time, but together it does. Feeding, collecting the bowls, brushing the fur, feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, raking, refilling all drinking troughs with water, keeping the animals apart, letting the dog out, throwing sticks, and then there is also the laundry, the dog wash like we call it. I don't like blankets and baskets that smell like animals, just like animal hair in the washing machine. My washing machine doesn't have a sieve, so where all that hair goes is still a mystery.

I just bought a dog wash bag. The reviews are divided, but I've had it with that animal hair everywhere. By the way the worst is not the dog, but the cat. I find white hairs like needles everywhere and they cannot be removed from our laundry. With that dog laundry bag that goes in the washing machine, I hope all the hair stays in that bag. It's worth the try.

Each day I walk a lot up and down and not just with the dog. Letting the dog out is my only rest point of the day, although it never lasts long. At least it does my joints good, although I can't get up straight away and walk easily because my knees hurt when I sit for a while and when I get out of bed. Aging or infection? In any case, I don't suffer from creaking joints yet even though both kind of hurt and feel cold. I keep moving and that's what pets are good for. They keep me busy and alert and when it comes to food they are not to be beaten. I don't think the most relaxing thing about a pet is to be busy with them but to observe what they are doing. It's unbelievable how smart and intelligent they all are even though they don't see real danger as such.

Yddy's treasures. He knows exactly where to find what he likes and of course, he chews on everything (stones and roof tiles included).

The nights are the best because everyone is tired me included but it's the only time I have time for me so I stay up late (again).

Finally, asleep at my feet

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Topics: Pet, Dog, Cat, Busy, Life, ...