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Peanut rocks

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1 year ago


I love the dark one most and what I made is so easy. Some shops sell "peanut rocks", only a few Corinas (cornflakes covered with chocolate) and it's expensive.

You can make this yourself with cornflakes, muesli, raisins, and... (peanuts).

What is best of all is you can use your old cornflakes or nuts too. No waste we eat it all.

What you need

  • Dark chocolate (1 piece of 100 grams)

  • Something to add to it (I used peanuts and raisins, 100 grams)

  • A pan with hot water

  • A smaller pan/pot that fits in it

  • A spoon

  • Baking paper

A child can do this so no worries.

Steps to take

  • Put a pan on the stove and heat up the water.

  • Place a smaller pan into it and add small pieces of chocolate into it.

  • As soon as the chocolate melted you add - I used peanuts and raisins - to it.

  • Mix it well (I use a tablespoon) so it's all covered with chocolate.

  • Fire off and make small heaps on some baking paper.

noo needs to use a fridge unless the temp in your place is extremely high.


  • The melting goes fast, do not leave.

  • Be careful with the water it's not good for your chocolate.

  • make it the size that fits into your mouth or only needs one bite.

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Written by   736
1 year ago
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Yummy I love dark chocolate. I felt it’s like trail mix but with chocolate..

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1 year ago

I have no idea what trail mix is. Perhaps our "student mix"?

Cornflakes is next to peanuts my favourite but just peanuts can be hard to bite.

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1 year ago

they must be delicious I love the peanut, and the raisins when I can I will see how it fits, thank you very much for the recipe.

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1 year ago

Chocolates are my favourite...this looks so unique and yummy..will try it

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1 year ago