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One, two, three...

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1 year ago

My friend is here.

I call her a friend but she isn't a real friend. It doesn't feel that way. She is in my class and sometimes she asks me to visit her. She never really plays with me at school. Today she visits me. I had to ask and my mother agreed. I can never ask the housekeeper. If I ask her my mother gets angry. There's no school on Wednesday afternoons. I feel nervous and miserable and try to ignore my mother. She acts weird again.

Television will start at 2 pm because the children do not go to school. We wait. I like Chippo and Chappo and La linea. After these programs, there's a program about two sailors. They live on a boat but they never sail. They are a bit clumsy like Laurel and Hardy. I like Laurel and Hardy too but they are in black and white only. The sailors don't speak. Chippo as Chloe makes some noises so does La lines. He's always angry but the person who draws him doesn't care or can wipe him out.

My mother is pulling the net curtains and checking for dust. She keeps pulling the curtains in the living behind the tv and repeating the same words over and over again "one, two, three, around the corner, one, two, three, yes...". I hope my friend will not notice it and I hope my mother will be finished soon. If she goes on like this she will not switch the tv on and even get angry. I keep staring at the screen of the tv and hope for the best.

" What's your mother doing?"

I am shocked. My friend noticed my mother is acting strange.l! I can not tell her the truth because my mother is still in the room. She stands only six feet away from us and keeps pulling at the same part of the curtain.

"She checks on the curtains. She wants each part of it hanging straight, each bow has to be the same size..."

She stares at me as if I am the crazy one. She observes my mother and we sit next to each other on the couch and wait. Finally my mother leaves, just in time. She didn't speak a word to me. Perhaps she didn't hear me or she is happy I know what she is doing, I know she did something very important and explained it to my friend.

June 17, 2020

How yesterday looked like.

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Written by   803
1 year ago
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