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Why do I take photos? I should ask why do I take photos these days? The answer is simple: to show something to someone else or to temember something. There was a time I photographed for other reasons but these days are gone. Indeed there are times I regret I got rid of all my photo cameras but it is as it is. The smartphone is the camera I use most because it is so much easier. I make a shot and show it immediately. Only if I like to post it somewhere I use the free app Photogrid to make it smaller and put my name on it. My smartphone, a Samsung A10, has no option to leave a watermark on each photo. To be honest I do not care really if my photos are used by someone else. A part I uploaded on pixabay.com which means anyone can use them and there's no need to mention me (no watermark on them either). I subscribed to the community "StockPhotos" on Steemit.com too. This means each article with photos I post here are free of a watermark too. I think it's a good initiative. If you use someone else's pictures you can do something back to that community.
If it comes to showing something it can be everything.
For example an offer of a product. The drugstore Kruidvat for example frequently uses the kind of offers that shouldn't make one buy it. This Milka chocolate for example. If it's a one-time offer you expect an item to be cheaper. With Kruidvat it's different. Frequently the price is the same or it's even more expensive! It's clear most people do not even read. They only see the big shield in ref and yellow with the word "Aktie".

Curious about this shop's slogan?
It's: Kruidvat steeds verrassend, altijd voordelig! (Kruidvat always surprising and cheap). If you think a bit longer you might say these offers if they are surprising and who knows the normal price is already low enough a good offer? A smart way of marketing. Interesting is this messy drugstore with the shouting colours is not the cheapest one in the country. They fool people in every way. They remained open during the lockdown although they sell toys, deep fryers, printers and supplies and all kind of things pharmacies do not sell (with us they are the pharmacies where you can buy all kind of medication without a recipe and make-up, glasses and contact lenses as well). Every shop had to close except supermarkets and pharmacies but these stores made a huge income too while others went bankrupt.

The boots. If you watch the boots outside it's clear which ones are used and which are not. The web is not one made overnight and it reminds me of a news item I read. Webs covering the country. Did I forget which country perhaps Australia? If these webs cover the entire country I doubt. Papers love to make news out of no news, things worse as it is, are fond of shouting headings that tell more than the entire article and in most cases, these are click bates. It's not about bringing objective news but about making people curious enough to click. If you do so to have a closer look you are wrong.

If you like to have a closer look at something a macro lens, or if you use a smartphone this option, is a nice plus. I frequently use it although it doesn't mean I can easily make a quick shot with it. It can take me an hour or more. I also noticed the Samsung A10 macro function isn't much more than a faster way to make a photo from nearby. The only way to make a sharp picture is to move the phone front and backwards and hold it still so it can focus. In many cases, it will not and you need to start all over again or try from a different angle.

The photos above are taken with the macro option of my Samsung A10 and give and impresdion of my last months.

Personally, I don't like to Photoshop a photo. To me, this isn't photography but a totally different thing. Disappointing I find my phone's camera rarely shows what I see. It's kind of weird no one managed to change that problem. After all, we live in 2021.

Due to restrictions and lockdowns for the second year in a row, I am sure the number of smartphone photos taken increased. It's the only way to show others how you are doing and what keeps you busy. All kind of contests been hosting to distract people from their lack of freedom. I remember the "view outside my window", the "street views", the face masks (bought and handmade), the "I am still alive" and the weekly walks and markets contest. Worldwide many photos are taken and shared and for sure it kept people busy to make their daily photo and bring something new but we also learned to see beauty in what we took for granted. That walk outside, our garden, saying "hi" to the neighbours, hugging our family and friends. Grandparents took care of us and our children. The freedom to go out whenever we liked even if we rarely felt the need to.

We shared our photos although it became fewer. After a period of keeping ourselves busy, fighting boredom and depression one by one we pick up our lives again. We go back to work, some go out, will travel again, celebrate the Summer or start doing what they should have done earlier. Renovating for example.

After Winter I started to renovate. A water closet, the drains in the kitchen, window frames and holes in the wall. Painting in and outside and new sockets. There are things not finished yet, partly done but I hope each day or at least each week to improve our life and... to do this all before I am no longer able to (bitten by a tick for the second time. Last time was two weeks ago. I feel rather upset about it and about living on the country).

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Hi. I think editing is as much a skill as clicking the picture. Editing involves a whole lot of work, and I would say way more than what goes into handling the camera. Unrelated to this article, but I see my introductory post is still pending. Would you look into it please. Thanks

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1 year ago

I like using photoshop for pictures that I took using a smartphone. I felt like I can make it closer to the real thing that I took through my editing techniques, even though it is still not good enough. It is a good practice though. Who knows someday I can get a better camera and be able to take pictures during my daughter wedding in the future.

What is the picture before the teabag?

Chocolate is given a discount? Why does it still show the same price?

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1 year ago

I especially liked the picture of those white flowers lined up on a branch. I love photography too!

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1 year ago

How nice that you have been able to renovate many damaged things in your home. I liked the photo of the little spider. But really all the pictures are nice.

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1 year ago

Thank you for stopping by. There is still a lot to do and I hope I manage before it is winter again and my health won't let me down again.

The one of the spiders is a clear photo indeed. It was a bigger spider though. Also on my son's boots.

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1 year ago

I don't like that, finding a spider in my garden is nice but at home and on the things I use, I don't like that very much. I hope you don't get sick anymore and that your body resists the onslaught of the weather. We have a new affiliate, rodriguezpct. She is my sister and has some good articles.

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1 year ago

I try to remove mosquitoes, spiders, flies every day. I like to keep it clean inside. Outside is big enough for nature to do as it likes. I've been bitten for the second time by a tick. This spot is painful too and looks weird. The first time is not even healed. I am not looking forward to Lyme disease ☹

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1 year ago

And where do ticks come from, from wolves?

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1 year ago

No, ticks are like little spiders and live in the grass. Also in trees, the dunes and forest. We saw them crawl against the walls of the house too. They are just there and suck blood. You do not have ticks where you live? The wolves don't have them, no fleas etc either. I treat them. Insects never bothered me. I guess they like old ladies ☹ old blood or perhaps mine is better without prednisone?

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1 year ago

There were ticks here when we had a dog. But there are no more. I know that ticks are kept even for years hiding in the holes and the ground. Until a new host appears and they come out of their holes. I don't think I will ever have a dog again as long as my country is the way it is.

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1 year ago