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They love to keep you busy

Can you write two essays within one hour by hand?

You have four options and can pick out two which you need to write about. If you ask me it's difficult especially if you have to write about a subject you never heard of before or have no opinion.

One of the tasks is to write about wind turbines. Wind turbines that will be placed on the hill of a small village. How happy would it make you? Are you against it or not? Any idea what they are used for and what the negative aspects of wind turbines are?

I know many farmers in the Netherlands accepted wind turbines to make an income. Will their cows like it? Wind turbines, fields of wind turbines I see if I travel through Europe and you know what? Most of them aren't used at all plus to switch them on you need electricity and a computer. Once switched on all that electricity needs to go somewhere and if not used it has to be saved. Saved for those times there's no wind. I wonder if wind turbines work on the wind at all. I mean they don't exactly look like the old fashioned windmills we once used. Windmills do not need electricity and a part of them are still used to grind wheat, corn and so on. Some changed into houses but if you ask me these old fashioned windmills are better for the environment than wind turbines. Let's be honest wind turbines are expensive, do not work without electricity and computers and the electricity it does generate is not stored. Besides all this, so-called environment-friendly electricity is not even used for the people. No, in our country it's given for a very small price to Microsoft and consorts. So the mass, the people pay for it but multinationals, extremely rich people benefit from it. (314 words and 10 minutes later which means 10 more minutes to go which makes 20 minutes and after that, it's on to the next essay which gives me at the end 20 minutes to check for failures which I won't do because this is a freewrite and I don't write by hand.).

Benefits of wind turbines? There could be if the energy would be given for a small price or better for free to the people. Each house a certain amount of Kwh a day. I would say 7 that should be enough. There's no need for everyone to switch on his own tv, radio and so on. Let's socialize and watch a film together and if you live in a family with different tastes each member can say what to watch on a certain day (sorry dad no daily sport for you). Since in real life governments do not care about the mass (the setup war by the US in Ukraine proves it and Europe knew they would start it but the governments were too lazy to buy gas and oil in time) wind turbines are a waste of money. The money we don't have since printing money is no real money and the reason why most countries are bankrupt or close to bankruptcy. There's no need for the people to provide governments and a few rich people, NATO and so on with cheap electricity while the rest of the world can die for cold and hunger. Well, not that that will happen since the good news is many believe the temp on earth increases. We won't need that much energy. We fry food in the sun on a stone, we sit outside, watch the neighbours, we do not need vitamin pills, we party and bbq and don't need winter clothes. If we go inside we are happy it's not as warm as it is outside. We can finally walk barefoot again which is a plus. Contact with your feet with mother earth will do us good.

So the benefits of wind turbines are zero because the only ones who will benefit from it will use them to take away our freedom. The freedom EU prime ministers and those of other countries secretly (read: sneakily) signed the UN contract in 2015. At that time, indeed in 2015, they already had that UN agenda ppp which includes Co-vi-d-19 (you can find it on the Canadian government's site where they ask for people interested in... in 2016) and 5G. No one needs wind turbines. It's all part of keeping up appearances and control. Control of the stupid mass who are with too many.

Negative aspects of wind turbines are the fact they are ugly, they make noise, kill birds and no sane person want three of these ugly things placed on the only hill nearby or in their village. If birds drop dead, same for 5G, out of the air you can count with it it's bad for your health too.

Time's up (820) words and I lost a part of what I wrote so I had to write that text again.

Three more tasks to do and what you read above will most likely not be accepted although it's written in English and within the given time, although, not by hand. The test is for English and if my children pass the youngest no longer need to follow English class and the other one.. well, the other one has no English at all. Is it worth both doing this test? I doubt it but who am I to think there's no room in the world of 'new normal' for travelling and enjoying life, tourism and so on? Who am I to think that one big EU stands for a 'continent' where there are no borders and people can travel wherever they like? I wrote about this before since the past ten years I only saw borders no matter where I travelled within the EU. Just like the euro, it's all fake. There's no one EU, no continent (indeed Europe is not a country and the EU is not the same as Europe), no free travelling, there are checkpoints everywhere and each country if not province or state just does as it likes. The prime minister says A and the rest does B or C or D or...

I have about 35 minutes left to write a second essay. One of the choices is to write a letter to the younger you with some advice which might be great if you are older but if you are a child? My youngest said there's nothing she can write to her younger personality. I told her to write to herself as a baby (life sucks and better cry and eat as many pancakes and French fries as you can, travel the world with your mum and try to remember all those trips because in a few years it's all over). If the child wrote it I don't know yet I guess she did, did all four of them since practising and keep writing no matter if your hand hurts is the only way to write enough letters. By the way, so far no one seems to make it which means it's a bit of an odd exam especially if they also want you to write something that makes sense. Young children hardly know anything about wind turbines, how whales communicate or politics. Politics is a topic people kill for and what if a child writes A and the teacher had another opinion, the opposite and because of that reason the child will not pass? Let's be honest that is how teachers work. They are not subjective. They are brainwashed and need to like you if you want to pass a test. This exam, by the way, isn't done by school but by a school specialized in certain languages. They ask for a lot of money just for the exam. If and how you make it you have to figure it out yourself. We'll see what it brings so far one child didn't practise much and the main problem is being too slow. Perfect people with great, neat handwritings need more time. They think before they start writing which isn't possible if you have only one hour for two essays and need to follow all the rules set.

Another essay is a letter, a complaint letter.

At least that's something you can use in your life but let's be honest. If it comes to letters you can better wait a bit, sleep over it and not immediately write an angry letter or e-mail because customer service won't like it to be scolded or called by a setup or angry person. The complaint is not about not receiving the parcel but about receiving it a bit later and asking for a refund. To be honest that's something to think about. Since two days c19 and war make great excuses why parcels arrive later but most don't and those who do are simply stolen by the delivery boy or girl or they don't care and leave it at the depot till... well, till they are in the mood to deliver it or there are more parcels needing to be delivered where you live (this is also a UN, save energy idea which is fine with me but companies please, be honest and stop lying saying you are on your way and make people wait for days without showing up).

15 minutes to go...

L.s. (I'm not modern and do not write: Dear reader)

On February 1st I ordered some items in your online shop. Order 1234567A. On your site, you guarantee that all items will be sent right after you received the payment. A confirmation of the payment I received three minutes after my order (February 1, 2022, at 9:34 pm). I felt relieved everything went well.

For the next three weeks, nothing happened. No confirmation you sent the items, no track and trace code. I asked customer service four times about the parcel (see attachments) and each time the answer was given was it was on its way and keep in touch. I asked for the track and trace code which was never provided till one week after the fourth time I was informed.

I waited patiently and hoped for the best. I ordered in time for my child's birthday, to make someone happy and there was still time left.

Today I finally received the parcel. According to the track and trace code you sent it only three days ago. I feel disappointed each one of your customer service people I spoke to kept making me believe the parcel was sent and it was GLS who didn't deliver.

It turned out it was you.

The parcel was sent too late and GLS stated (see attachment) it was not due to them. I had to buy new birthday presents for my child so we could celebrate. All items needed for school.

What you send later looks used and is damaged and since you charge shipping costs I want a refund of X dollars for the damage (see attachments) like you stated you will (see your rules on the site).

Awaiting a positive response

yours sincerely,

(3 minutes left)

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Written by   841
6 months ago
Topics: Freewrite, Complaint, Letter, Essay, Life, ...
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Wind turbines, I am not so familiar with it but at least now i know that they have that ill effects not only to humans but also to birds and animals.

In every development or project there is always someone or something who is affected.

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6 months ago