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I spat it out

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1 year ago
Topics: Freewrite, Writing, Diary, Life, Blogging, ...

I wrote something. I know readers cannot be found here and perhaps this even makes this platform better. No one really reads you, no one ever gets to know you.

I spat it out, the story I mean, and to be honest it felt like a relief. I love stories, tales, to read something different. It might not be the greatest story of all but that's not the point if it comes to freewriting the only thing you need to do is to write! Write while the clock ticks and there's no need to waste time about thinking out a storyline first. Important is you follow your thoughts no matter how chaotic they are and believe me mine are especially on those days I have a lot to do. Not that I did much today. Not if it comes to house chores or gardening. I woke up early, intended to go back to bed but stayed out. One leads to the next and before I knew I was strangled up in all those things I needed to do, I can only do if I have some internet.

Let's say it was my administration day. In between I drank my tea, litres of hot water and saw the weather change. Hopefully, it didn't rain too much because it only makes the grass and weeds grow faster and I took a free day off of gardening.

My investments are doing better than expected. March is historically seen Bitcoin's worst month but Summer never was a great season either. It all makes sense to me.
Today it was a kind of payday as well. I checked my finances, and am saving for the next "project", my little project but you can call it a gift too. Two more people are on my waiting list. Both are into cryptocurrencies and both need help. One with a phone and another one with a dentist. At this moment the phone has to wait a bit (months?) longer because a dentist is more urgent (pain is a killer) and it's important to know your priorities.

If it comes to giving a hand I don't mind but today I felt bitter. Bitter because a tip I gave went to the wrong person and I regret that. You reader might say it can happen to anyone, trusting the wrong person I mean, and you are right but it doesn't make me feel better. So I told my children and they know, know what I mean, how I feel if I let myself being fooled again. Indeed again. Can be the danger is in those places I hang around. Surrounded by people who don't care about me but mainly about their own wellbeing (read wallet).

Is it a coincidence I read the article you cannot get rich fast (3-5k dollars per hour)? It said it's impossible but I know it's not true. Perhaps it's not likely for you and me but it works for many. We call them scammers and scalpers. The fact there are so many scammers, spammers and phishing emails proves it. Crime pays. It's lucrative, creative and if you get away with it (it's tax-free) why not give it a try yourself?
If you think this is a joke you are wrong. I met a guy who tried to rip me off but besides that, he was a kind of gentleman and turned out to be helpful. Helpful as in helping me to turn in the next scammer (also a guy who admitted he did it because it worked well for others).
Not that I am saying a businessman is honest. With honesty, no one gets rich which reminds me of my grandfather. A simple young man who became a millionaire by renovating houses (bombed houses as well) and more. He worked a lot, was creative and built something but the question remains why and for whom? He never really enjoyed his money and died at a young age. A talented man with 1001 interest, flowing, an artist and not afraid to work hard worked for?
Men like him are hard to find these days. We turned into a nation without hardly any skills already tired before we set a foot outside. I hope I can influence my children to be different, make a difference. Not to the planet in the first place but to the litlle world they live in.

April 3, 2021

Wake up! Come on, hey you.
It's 3 p.m. and we do have work to do.

The kitchen needs to be cleaned and someone has to swipe the floor.
How about that cake you should bake for your granny today?
No way, we won't go out together, visiting the zoo
as long as your tasks aren't done.

You made a promise and I won't keep mine
if you fake being weak and ill.
You better hurry if you want to make it
unless you like to stay home... forever alone!

If this is the case fine! I'll go out and visit the "Stone House" on my own.

Health issues you say?
No way!
I don't believe you. Stop drinking whole night
and you will be alright,
even feel fit and get out of bed at dawn.

You know what? You can forget
about your heirloom what do you say about that?

You stink! Sweat and stale beer are not my favourit odours, be my guest the shower is all yours.

Two minutes I give you to get out,
open the windows and ventilate while you shower and get dressed.

Sorry man, it took too long. I go! Clean up 'cause I have a date.
It's someone with a gorgeous smile and the last thing I want is to be late.

#kittywu #freewrite #diary #story

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Written by   828
1 year ago
Topics: Freewrite, Writing, Diary, Life, Blogging, ...
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I take this opportunity to leave you a comment, of personal interest and excuse me for doing it through this medium but I am new to this platform and I did not find another more appropriate way to make a shout.

I made my presentation in the group that you administered and was rejected for not following the rules, however I made a presentation with 361 words a little more than the minimum limit required which was 300 words.

I ask you to please review my presentation again and consider sending me another message if I do not comply with something I am not understanding.

Thank you for your good offices.

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1 year ago

My dear, thanks for telling me. This is how moderating works for us. Too short is based on the minute-read shows us. This means (at least I assume that it is how it works) one word only makes the difference.

I am not sure in which community you tried to submit but once a ln article is rejected does not give us moderators the option to add it later. I tried it but it's not possible so I am sorry for that.

I do not know what you wrote but you can submit it to a different community if the rules (not the number of words only) set by this community are followed.

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1 year ago

Hi, I thought you had ignored my message, I left it in two of your posts. But I'm glad you responded.

My article is the submission in the submission community and I thought it met the length requirements. Maybe you read too fast or the system was speeding up 😁😅.

I will leave it in a link for you to see it again, but I understand that it can no longer be published, and that saddens me because to start well we always want to be known, I had done it with a lot of motivation and affection.

I thank you for your answer. Have a nice day.

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1 year ago