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There's a lot I don't know about and if I'm honest I'm happy about that. After all, blessed are the poor in spirit. Not that I'm poor in spirit. Even without radio, television, and newspapers, I get more "news" than I would like. The eternal stream of news, the repetition of the news that I have thought for decades is not news, comes out of my nose. As for the news, the MSM, I'd rather be deaf and blind. No, I don't keep my hands pressed to my ears and don't shout "la la laaa I can't hear you anyway", but put my mind to zero and withdraw into my own world. The world I have created is one of peace and happiness, not one of stirring each other up, silencing, and blaming all misery. We cause this misery ourselves. Anyone who closes their eyes and goes with the flow, who does not have the energy to protest, or who keeps their mouths shut out of fear is guilty of the situation in which we find ourselves at the moment.

Corrupt voting machines are not to blame for manipulated votes as was the case not only in Brazil but also in Europe and America, among others. Like me, everyone knows that democracy is hard to find. In the past two and a half years I have not heard many protests from Amnesty International, even though the excess mortality worldwide is many times higher than for that shot which, as A. Nuis pointed out, was not to protect the elderly but to fill the pockets of Pfizer, Moderna and America. Incidentally, this has been an excellent success, as has the implementation of the 2030 agenda.

I am aware of that because this is no secret. The small group of rich people does not mince their words. They say what they intend to do, although the majority do not want to hear about it. It is they who shout la la laaa and put their fingers in their ears to avoid hearing the truth. The truth is no longer a conspiracy theory, although a group of die-hards still cling tenaciously to this idea. What doesn't know doesn't hurt, right? In 2022, the statement "ich habe es nicht gewusst" still works well.

While those who have all the resources I don't have to keep up to date don't know, I do know. Indeed that is sometimes very tiring and after such an information wave I always have to catch up, sometimes for days or weeks. When I go out with the dog I breathe in and out 3 times deeply. I exhale with my eyes closed through a hole in my mouth. Interestingly, when you exhale in this way, a lot more air comes out of your lungs. According to a pulmonologist, it is worthwhile to empty (and clean) your lungs in this way. It also gives me more peace of mind. More than crafting or crafting. According to the crocheter Wendy van Delden (see her site) crocheting is relaxing and the moment for yourself. I don't find it relaxing so far. This could of course be because I work with leftovers of wool and knitting yarn that I got as a gift more than ten years ago or because I keep getting emails to join. I don't feel like becoming a VIP of a crochet club. I don't like clubs and I think Tinna is happier to watch. In recent years, knitting and crocheting have ceased to be related to allergies, but these seem to have disappeared.

Watching Tinna is fun. She brings joy.

A life without Big Pharma is indeed possible and does good. The times the doctor misdiagnosed me are countless. I got a lot of damage from that. It's so much better and healthier to listen to your instincts rather than what the "expert" says.

The experts... they have again proven in recent years that their expertise is at a very low level and does not amount to much. Let's face it... a doctor who claims not to know that one's own immune system is there for a reason and better than an experimental pill and shot has not picked up anything from the teaching material in the biology course at (primary and high)school.

Sadly, experts repeat themselves without investigating anything themselves. I've heard many say that they are too busy, including the journalists, too busy to investigate, are you still a journalist? I do not believe it.

What applies to experts applies to all of us. Anyone who sits in front of the TV or behind the PC all day or evening can also do research. It must be something of man, like those three monkeys, to rather be blind and deaf than to be silent.

Why are we silent en masse? Why is the MSM hiding the truth? Is this really fear or again money that rules? I think everything has a price and pretty much everyone is for sale. We see this in governments, royal houses and the rioters who riot during peaceful demonstrations or throw paint at paintings by old masters. If you have no talent and can't do anything, you still have a job.

I never expected that all those non-G-rated people would be recruited by a bunch of old, withered men who call themselves "the elite" and even philanthropists.

Getting paid for rioting, beating up and killing people is nothing new, it is that rapists, liars and murderers get away with it en masse and that Nazism and fascism is the new normal.

The new normal, the 2030 agenda and the cover-up of the financial crisis caused by particularly bad management... the elderly Soros, like the senile Biden, is busy with it.

As I write this I wonder what happened to the belligerent Hillary Clinton. Is she really a robot and Obama is calling the shots dressed in pajamas from the basement of the White House? The white house that is rather red with all the bloodshed or black with all the lies, the deceit and the millions of deaths she has on her tally.

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I have seen Tinna for a while and I liked her, I am a crohet lover, I like her smile and she also made me laugh.

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