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How easy it is to kill an animal. It's called humane if we let man's best friend, the dog, die with a jab or two. It doesn't always work in the way we had in mind. Some animals suffer if they get the death penalty for one or several reasons. Reasons which not always make sense but if humans had it with their caretaking if the animal adds nothing to the owner's life if it only costs money the decision is easily made. Humane is what we like to call it and by that, we gave a new meaning to the word 'humane'.

Since 2020 many words became a new meanings. It's easy to introduce since many worldwide are hardly educated. Influencers, VIPs, specialists and writers of fake news who call themselves journalists, don't care about what the true meaning of a word is. They don't bother about checking a dictionary but start a new vocabulary which is easily followed by the mass, the sheepy followers who do not make a second thought about the one they adore. Love makes blind? So do the rich and famous. Stupidity, low education and lies do not count once you are famous. Politicians and royal families prove it they get away with everything especially if their backs are covered by Dynasties, more money than anyone can imagine, the media and more lies or crises to distract the people in combination with the short memory of the mass.

That same mass who went for that jab to go out, on vacation not to protect the elderly and vulnerable.
By now all those people turn out to be right. Those injections do not keep others safe and the injected keep spreading the virus. So at least they can say: I took that jab for me! I did it for me so I could travel, make memories, and eat at McDonald's. The side-effects are bad luck right. A genuine pig doesn't know what people abuse him for and euthanasia isn't in it. Humans on the other hand volunteered to take part in Moderna's, J&J's, Pfizer's, Astra Zeneca's and the other experiments. It was a free choice to line up for the jab, the next shot and the next one. Some people did not give in like my kid's history teacher a wise man with interesting stories and a vision. Interesting was that only one or two weeks after this teacher had been sacked the judge/government said employers can not force their employees into an experiment.
Is this teacher hired again by the school in high need of teachers? No, he is not which makes clear that the school isn't in high need and there's a plan or secret agenda. Education is no longer important, not in a new world. Studying is already for the rich and soon school will be too. Society changed useless people are no longer needed, there's no room for laziness, dropouts, creativity, an opinion of your own nor bad behaviour, crime, bullying, insults and bragging. Not if it comes to the common man, the mass who loses the right to decide how to live, what to eat, when to go to bed, go out and who to meet.

The world we are building together is one of the endless lockdowns.
In Switzerland, they already talking about the next lockdown, the green lockdown. "What worked for a made (up) virus works in name of nature too. Nature needs a break so people stay inside for a few months and if outside it's for a jab or shopping both with facemasks of course. Hugging a tree is forbidden just like walking on the grass, driving a car, taking a flight to a far destination unless you are important which most of us are not.

Bad or?
We can ventilate daily and dance to stay in shape and walk faster if we puck up to our groceries while be breathe in and slowly breathing out. We'll still have a choice to go out to search for a loaf of bread or stay home and skip the picking up of the bag with food for the week the new world order provides us with. There won't be coffee, cocoa, fruits, meat, fish, chicken or fresh fruits and indeed you can forget about cookies and candies but at least no one needs to worry about empty shops and everyone eats the same. That is everyone if it comes to the mass.

KLM bragged how their meals are vegan. Vegan? It's only if it comes to those who don't pay the high prices for what once was called business class with VIP services. KLM lies just like many new vegan restaurants that still serve meat to the wealthy. No one owns anything is a lie unless 'no one stands for the mass.
To those who believe life will finally be fair, I can only say I hope you won't feel disappointed. The new world order isn't about fairness, not about sharing or caring but about selecting a group of slaves who are productive, cooperative and will not question anything. There's no room for complainers, unhappy, sick, intolerant people or those who have doubts and believe in individuality, creativity, opportunities and an almighty god.

The fact in Germany is voted against the law of all 60+-years old people being injected with something that is not a vaccination (the new definition of the word 'vaccination' was easily adapted) doesn't mean this won't happen to everyone, everyone except leaders of a country, Biden, the White House, dynasty members. Like a Swedish girl proud of her chipped hand said: If dogs are chipped I can have that chip too.
I say: If dogs are jabbed humans can be jabbed too and if we kill man's best friend if he no longer pleases or benefits us why not put our fellow humans asleep with the same pill or jab? The new world isn't a society where criminals are useless, add nothing to the community or the owner but where people like you and me are useless. We are too young, too old, with children, without children, educated or even too educated, too sick, complain too much, too greedy, insulting, have too many wishes, dreams, goals set and faith in a god who won't hear our prayers instead of trusting the system who knows what is best for us.

People get older but the average age in the Western world is still around 43 years old! Indeed 43 years means a certain group gets older but many die at a young age. If so many die it should make us question the medical help offered, the pharmaceutical industry and our lifestyle. What would you do if there are no hospitals, no specialists and there's no pharmacy helping you out, no government taking care of your needs? Would you change your lifestyle, finally take care of your health and stop stuffing yourself and blaming your big bones for every health condition you have?
If not in this new world there won't be room for you. Parasites, abusers are useless, as worthless as that sick or old dog or that jumpy, alive pup that only eats and takes you into trouble with his enthusiasm while it tries out his teeth on your sofa, shoes or your guest's new coat.

What your end will look like depends on you. Just like dog owners some governments and people will bully while others lock you in and let you starve for hunger, beat you to death and if they want to look humane they give you your final shot. A shot to the head or a jab good for a slow, painful death.
Don't think this won't happen to you, because what we know about pet owners and their beloved animals is that love and likes expire from one moment to the next and once the interest and benefit are gone it's game over.

If it comes to euthanasia... In Germany, C19 jabs are asked if you want help to die. So, you are dying, seriously sick and still need three jabs to help you die? This must be a joke and there are faster ways to die without an organisation's help.

Isn't it interesting that even dying isn't a free choice although governments hate the sick, elderly, homeless, poor, jobless and complain about the high costs of a social and healthcare system? Isn't it interesting murder is only allowed if it comes to the own people?

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The saddest reality ever. In this new era humanity had failed many times over to some greed individuals.

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2 years ago

It has and it will only get worse. We gave away our right to live the way we like and the right to die.

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