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7 months ago

When I look at one of the definitions of feedback, I cannot help but conclude that free writing with a prompt I am participating in is feedback. At the same time, when I think of 'feedback' I think of criticism. Anyone who gives feedback is criticising something or someone. Criticism is not negative although the average person thinks so. On the contrary, criticism is the act of giving a reaction, a comment, of expressing one's opinion about something. In this case, a column or article that has been written and there is nothing wrong with that. Let's face it, whoever writes, ventilates his opinion, his thoughts, usually hopes that someone reads it and if this is the case, one of the ways to find out is by sending a reaction, a letter to the writer.

The writer is free to give feedback on this, but can also read it (or not) and leave it for what it is. A writer who takes himself seriously will at least read it and think about the feedback. He doesn't have to agree with the reader, but feedback can be interesting and a reaction can also trigger the writing of a new article. Interacting with readers is a good way to keep in touch.

What keeps the reader interested, why do they read what you write and how can you keep the attention of your readers?

Is it necessary to please readers?

I myself think that it is not necessary. A critical writer will write about what occupies him. The reader does not have to agree with it. What is more important is to bring the reader something new, to make them think and to leave it up to them what they can make of the written word. A writer can be good even if he does not share your opinion. Just by the way he writes or the subjects he touches upon. It does not have to be one hundred percent true, it may even be fantasy as long as it is clear to the reader.

Is a writer responsible for what he writes?

I think partly. By partly, I mean that writers are artistic people and do not have to preach the truth. When it comes to journalists, it is a different story. Journalism should report as objectively as possible, just like the news on television and in the newspaper. Unfortunately, it is seldom the case that objective reporting of what is going on around us, in the world, is done. The journalist writes or translates what someone else has thought up in order to manipulate readers and incite them to... (mostly hatred, genocide, greed). It is strange how the negative always has a greater impact on people than the positive.

How is it possible that hatred is easily sown but calling for charity is hardly ever successful?

How is it possible that so many people worldwide are so easy to talk into being sick but not healthy?

How is it possible that even when we know that politicians lie and deceive, the people still believe them when they announce a worldwide 'disaster'?

How is it possible that so many words suddenly changed their meaning without us noticing?

Feedback is not negative but a learning moment and this also applies to comments and criticism. There is nothing negative about it, it is how you look at it and how you as a 'receiver' deal with it. Criticism can be just as positive as a compliment (let's be honest, not every compliment is sincere, nor is every kiss spontaneous or heartfelt).

If you can't handle criticism, feedback or a reaction, you shouldn't write, participate in a discussion, be on social media or in the spotlight.

It is pointless to think or want that everyone always agrees with you. If they do, there is no point in going public either.

Do you need to be right all the time? Then it means that you have a great lack of self-confidence and it is time to work on that. Others are not there to stroke your ego or make you feel better. The only one who can do that is you, by being yourself, letting them know what is on your mind and thus sharing your personal opinion. This takes courage but for your self-preservation, this is of the utmost importance unless of course you do not care what others think about you and you are happy on your own. You can, you may and that's fine too. The introvert, the genius, the thinker, the creative are all people who like peace and quiet to think and believe me, it takes a lot of time.

So, you don't get an immediate answer, you are waiting for feedback? Then bear in mind that not everyone responds immediately and needs to comment. Sometimes it is just good enough to write knowing that sooner or later someone will read it.

feedback meaning: 1. information or statements of opinion about something source

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Written by   853
7 months ago
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There is constructive criticism yeah but people just like to criticize with a destructive mindset.

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