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Enjoy the justice

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2 months ago
Topics: Life, Reality, Blog, Writing, Experiences, ...

"Life is short, enjoy yourself it doesn't need to be anything big", my pen-pal wrote after I asked him if there was any news about his trial.
Well, you know how it is people come and go. It's part of life. Your own life is a cycle. At least mine is...I meet, greet, think at times friendship lasts forever but in most cases, I end up alone. Alone again. It's a good reason to take care of myself, be my own best friend and enjoy as long as I can.

I agree enjoying is hard if you are exhausted from work, children, feel sick or depressed but it's good to kick your own butt and force yourself to do something.
My drive at the moment is Summer or actually 'the Summer is over before I know' feeling.  It will be Winter soon. Winter is not what I am looking forward to, it's not my season and the longer it takes the more it harms me and my health. I need to prepare before it starts raining again. Those showers change the land road into a river of mud followed by the cold winter. A winter without an option to heath the place, protect my ears and brains for the cold in bed and... my frozen feet. If it comes to those Winters I don't mind if the temperature over here raises. I can live with that although I really hope at that time Nature found a way to kill all those flies or the farmer keeping those hundreds of sheep will be dead and the sheep were gone. There's a very good reason why that sheep owner doesn't keep them at his place and let someone else take care of them.

Although tired in the morning I hung in and decided to have a drink at a terrace. It's more like the only place around here and as an Irishman hit the brolly I was sitting underneath with his van it was good enough for a chat.
We talked about travelling, horses, being a guide and why not moving to Ireland. Good question and no I never thought about it because a cottage in Scotland was actually planned. It was interesting to hear from a traveller what the world looks like today or at least in Europe. According to him in Ireland, people are not afraid but feel confused. I assume whole nations are confused especially if they keep changing the rules, the reasons why we have restrictions today if the elderly and vulnerable are jabbed and the IC is as empty as it can be and the most covid sick people are those who had their two Pfizer or Moderna jabs. What more does a government can ask for except for taxes, and a nation that shuts up and doesn't question anything?

In France, they decided to let go of the restrictions introduced a few days ago again because of the Summer. My guess: the French will not accept it and will block Parish or some motorways which means war and therefore it's smarter to let them enjoy a bit longer before Europe changes into a big prison again. A prison that will never end but will let the inmates out once a year. Not because they have a good reason for it but because they can.

Should we still believe all the nonsense spread by the media? Media that only tells us what fits into the stories made up by the WHO and Reuters? Both owned by one Dynasty with the only aim to control us all?

"You grow your own food," he asks. If it comes to that I am not self-providing which I should be but I could always start hunting or eat eggs. An egg is complete, what you need you to find in it. We talk about hunting and roadkill and how to slice a throat and prepare a good meal. A good meal we both seem to miss just like good pastry and an intelligent chat at times.

"His English isn't so good," he says about the waiter but at least the young man gives it a try.
"He's a bit slow with his brains can't remember the order," my Irish company added to it. I didn't notice it since the owner served me and gave me a glass and a spoon and a cookie and brown and white sugar.

In short, I can say I had an enjoyable time with an interesting man who for sure is a storyteller. My pen-pal can be satisfied although I am not sure if he likes me to tell him I met someone interesting, someone, who loves the Winter and spent Winters by chopping firewood. 
The Irishman I met drinks Whiskey, smokes, is healthy and I haven't met such a lively person in a long time. He told me about his mother who no longer recognizes him. He could visit her but no longer does because the only thing he can do is looking at her through a window. It feels as if a person dear to you is exposed as a rarity at a fair. Is this how we treat the elderly today? Those people we do not give a damn about but are good enough to use to manipulate entire nations with? It feels as if the human Zoo started again. Watching the last elderly still alive instead of animals.

At times one might believe there is a bit of justice left. Some people have a (good) lawyer and some judges speak right. The right we expect not the right the wealthy get no matter what they do. It's hard to get justice if you are a nobody if you do not have money to pay for a lawyer or cannot ask for it. A free lawyer will not fight for you. If he is interested at all he doesn't have the time to figure out how to help you. Those who do will face a judge not willing to listen because the judge already made up his mind. The judge is paid, instructed or prejudiced. The lawyers... they know it besides a part of them is an advocate of the devil. If it comes to it everyone sells his soul for power and money. Faust isn't made up. Lawyers... they know exactly if they will win or lose a case as soon if they know the name of the judge. If you think about it you know if this is the case a judge is not objective and there is no justice. It's a fake show held to fool the people. To make them believe there's justice, they make a chance to win.

My pen-pal has hope. He still hopes after all these years his lawyer finds a way and there will be justice. I hope he is right and that lawyer does his job and isn't enjoying a long vacation instead and lies. Where hope is is life at least that's what they say. I wonder if he gets out how hard it will be to face a world where freedom and democracy are histories. Can be he manages better with it than we do because his life has been hard between those walls behind a gate where people are ready to kill for a stamp or cigarette.

Peter R. de Vries died today after he's been shot into his head on July 6th, 2021. With his death, the hope for justice faded away for many. What the police didn't do, couldn't do or refused to do he did. He found, caught criminals justice didn't care about. I hope the police will not only find those who did it but the judge will give the killer what he deserves which isn't a life filled with luxury in prison or the small excuse the killer was confused, had diabetics and a bad childhood and if we hug him it won't happen again. 

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Written by   726
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Reality, Blog, Writing, Experiences, ...
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There are too many stories out there, too many versions, too tiring to listen to. Sometimes, I only want to enjoy my days, turn off all these news and stories and ignore. It is ignore-able to a point and sometimes, the system takes action and we can't ignore.

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2 months ago

corruption to many

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2 months ago

"Lawyers... they know exactly if they will win or lose a case as soon if they know the name of the judge."

A sad reality. Justice has been plagued by corruption too..

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2 months ago