Each crisis is for your own good

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Suddenly it is possible. After all those years, decennials of asking, protesting, writing letters. So many are hit and killed. Killed by trains while they crossed the railroad crossing. No, not each one of those being hit by a train loved to take a risk. Those people took care, took care but weren't safe. A train, a fast one came out of the blue and ran over them.
These terrible accidents happened to decennia to people of all ages. Not only to the elderly or the mentally ill who ran off from a psychiatric hospital frequently built nearby a railway.

It wasn't that long ago that a woman, whose husband asked for so many years to change a railway crossing, was killed by a train. Finally, 137 railroad crossing are changed, made safer and the front of the trains are painted more visible and guess what? This is news. Many people dying isn't news but railroad crossings are made safer is.
I wonder why, why now? How come suddenly the money can be found during the worst economical crisis but not ten till twenty years ago? Why after all those years after so many have died at a time we all sit at home for a year or longer and the trains are empty? Is it because of the elections which will take place in two weeks?

The politicians haven't much to offer, their promises are as empty as always. For sure those who have sold the country, our history, gave away our pensions will reign on since a dictator will not leave that easily. He already proved that. Officially there's no government but it still reigns. The judges who forbid restrictions, the curfew and so much more are ignored, doctors are kicked out and the media is owned by those who set the rules. The media is not objective and will never be. Journalists died a long time ago. All those people who don't agree, have an opinion of their own are removed, hunted, locked up and of course, it is all conspiracy what they spit out and they shouldn't be believed and not be allowed to vote. If you are not voting for the P.M. you are against him and not only the enemy but an illiterate too. I ask myself why people accept it if a P.M. looks down on him. It's the people, the taxpayers who pay for his salary. What happened to democracy? In the past two years, we lost a lot. So much it's hard to recall. We lost our organs, freedom, our right to a referendum, our pension, our privacy, our friends, our social life, our source of income...

It's the world upside down. Generations have been taught to use their brain, think by themselves, have an opinion of their own but today it's forbidden. Today everyone who does is an enemy of the nation, not only the nation but the EU as well. It's no longer permitted to think and if to speak out.
Items have changed, we have to watch our steps. We are forced into a change and no answers are given to those who ask. Those who ask why and search for a reason.

Today life isn't different from a hundred years ago.

The enemy are those who don't agree, those who wonder, ask and search for answers. They need to be removed from society. Equality, freedom, a voice, the constitution... it's all history. 'Everyone' has to agree and the final push is spreading more fear till no one is left except for some followers who still believe, their only hope is to believe, the government does it all to keep them alive although the rest is dying or deceased.

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Hello Kitty:

It seems like a great confirmation worldwide because it was for the groups that have the power to silence all of us who realize what they want to turn us into sheep that we follow instructions, without questioning anything without being curious without asking questions ...

As if to justify that globalization keeps us more distant and dehumanized, since the ideal argument to justify that they have us oppressed is how it is happening.

The nice thing about all this is that history shows that when this happens the revolutions come out, devil of the real revolutions not of the crap of communism and socialism.

Since those of us who suffer are scattered all over the world ... But we are all one!

You are not the only one who thinks that way and you are not alone in your feelings, less there are already two of us and it starts with something.

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2 years ago