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Drugged - a bedtime story

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1 month ago
Topics: Freewrite, 2021, Story, Tale, Wolf, ...

"Tell me a story", they said
I wish I could but you know what?
It's empty inside my head.
Totally blank it is.
Not even a bang, beep or thought
is left and I feel like the goldfish
in its bowl we all like but which never gets old.
It opens its mouth and swims around
in circles whole day on and even at dawn
It continues 'cause otherwise, it will fall.

That fish... it's not different from me.
Just like it, I find it hard to realize.
There is nothing left, not one single story of mine.
How can I discover the world outside of my bowl?
The emptiness... it's so scary, it makes me evaporate.
While I'm circling, gasping for air
and am hoping for a miracle.
The little ones wait are still there.

"Tell a story, please", they ask again.
This is the last thing I need.
I grab the book that is pushed into my hand
and pray the bedtime storytime will end soon.

"There she goes... Little Red Riding Hood.."
This story is always good since it's about red,
a little girl, and sick granny with her own apple tree.
"You see?" I ask and point at a plant
and the apple that a man holds in his hand.
"That's not Red Riding Hood or grandma
but a naked guy", my boy says.
He's right and I wonder why the man looks so pale
whole day in Paradise. It doesn't make sense at all.
"It's a granny smith apple", I state
"No, it's not this one is red", my child sounds upset.

"I just show you what happened long ago
before Little Red Riding Hood was born
and grandmother was still attractive, young".
"Do you believe her brother?" the stubborn
youngest kid said, "If you ask me this guy is buried and dead
ages ago."
"I know", he said, "the teacher told me so.
Little Red Riding Hood is no part of the family
neither is granny.
About those apples... I don't know."

"Hey dudes there she goes", I continue madly.
It's wiser to ignore the two of them
if I want this story to end tonight.
It's late, I'm tired of all the work so when
I can
I sneak away and let both stay behind.

"Let's see what that little girl is up to. Where might she go?"
"I already know",
both replied and
I wonder why I bother
I pray bedtime storytime came to an end.
"If you already know there's no need to tell you a tale then..."
"Ohhh please..."

"The basket is heavy and the girl is not tall...
homemade butter cookies and wine granny loves most of all."

"Is she a drunk?"
"I guess she is otherwise it would be lemon and tea".
"I see."

"Little Red Riding Hood's mom is busy and not in the mood
Laundry, dishes, and an extra job to pay for all the food
spoiled grandmother ordered by e-mail."

"Are you sure this is real?"

"Grandma doesn't live nearby
and that's is why
Little Red Riding Hood has to pay her a visit
to deliver all of it.
Off she goes with granny's good food.
Breakfast isn't included and... no bottle of water for her if she's thirsty.
Still, the girl is in a good mood.

"Where is her brother
can't he take it?"
"She is an only child."
"What does that mean?"
"She lives with her mother."
"The good mood is because she likes granny?"
"I don't know but we can follow
her if you like. The path goes through the forest
but she isn't allowed to leave it though."

"I know", both say, "it's dangerous outside today.
You don't let us go outside, right?"
"No, I don't and you know why."
"Because of the Boogieman?"
"No, wait I know", my little boy said,
"It's because of the rainbow clown and clowns are so bad."
"And dangerous just like in IT
they give a balloon to each little kid
Both smirked.
"You mean curious not lost, now let me finish if you like to hear how it went."

Both looked satisfied 'cause storytime would never end.

"Alright, there she goes on a shiny day.
The basket is huge and filled to the lid.
It's not exactly what a kid
should carry but we know mother has too much to do
and the girl doesn't mind visiting opoe.

"Opoe? Who's opoe?"
"Opoe is Dutch for grandma."
"Is she single?"
"No dummy he's dead!"
"Grandpa, just like our dad."

"Little Red Riding Hood knows the way 'cause it isn't the first time
she visits granny who lives alone
plus she knows she can open the door and go inside if... no one is at home."

"Why should no-one be at home. She is sick!"
"I know, I know", I hastily said and pray
they will not interrupt me again
so I can finally end
the story for which I had 5 minutes planned.

"Look how happy she is, busy picking flowers.
They grow next to the path which is fine.
Now sick granny can dine at a nice set table
with a bouquet, cookies and wine.

"Once she feels better. If you are ill you cannot eat. You should stay in bed.
You always say that", my little smart one added.
It sounds as if the grandmother isn't in such a need.
She sent an e-mail with her shopping list and feels fit enough to command others around."

I frown. What more can I let out?

"What's that sound", I whisper. Both, startled by me changing the subject suddenly look around.

"It's the wolf! Her only friend.
A grey strong dog living at the other end
of the forest.
He has a great smell and knows the girl very well."

"You shouldn't be here my dear",
he walks a bit closer and stands near
the basket with food.
"What's in it, scents so great?"
"I tell you if you carry it for me 'cause I'm late."
"You shouldn't have stopped to pick flowers."
"I know but I did although granny has allergies.
Will you help me, please?"
"Only if you give me the cookies."
"Fine," Little Red Riding Hood said and opened the basket and peeped inside.
"We eat them together in granny's front yard
they will only make her fart

Soon they arrived in perfect harmony
at the home of the sick elderly
which one could clearly smell from outside.
"Damn girl, that woman is sick I can tell,"
the wolf said while he held his breath.
"Are you sure she's alive, not dead?"
"I think so, but hey I owe you some cookies."
"If you don't mind we better find another place and eat them elsewhere.
I can't stand the smell of old, dead meat, let's go and eat."

The cookies tasted good and there was no need to worry about granny not getting her food.
The wolf was right, granny... died.
After she wrote her e-mail and clicked 'send'
her life had come to an end.
Not because of old age or she was unplugged
by Covid-19 but 'cause she was drugged and poisoned with graphene.

#kittywu #story #freewrite #tale #covid19 #graphene


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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   734
1 month ago
Topics: Freewrite, 2021, Story, Tale, Wolf, ...
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My heart aches when they arrived the granny already died huhuhu

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1 month ago

Wow.... very nice and perfectly put together.

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1 month ago