Do you have a plan?

I usually have a plan no matter if it is about great things to achieve, small things, house chores, health, or finances.

It gives me peace of mind if I know what to do, and how to solve problems and make my life, I should say our life, go more smoothly.

Still, I cannot take all sadness, worries, and pain away also because I miss things in certain situations.

Like many, we have our financial issues, how to pay the bills, extra unexpected bills, fees for example. At times it feels easier to just pay the bill instead of calling, writing, asking why, how come. The fact is who don't ask will never know how or what or if you are fooled. Fooled we, those who pay without checking out, are for sure. My grandmother already knew that and traced every cent she spent or received (found included).

Since she told me I noticed each month, if not week, a shop, the bank or a third party scam me.

But today I'm not caring about them but about my children (pets included).

Taxes sent a bill. I had to pay over 300 euros back to them. This amount I didn't count with but I have to pay it because my daughter has a part-time job. I told her I will, she said she would since I received that bill because she... exists.

It made me sad and even cry my child said this. No child asked to be put into this world. I told the youngest and asked her if she feels the same. She said sometimes she does.

I can tell you that feels like a smack in the face (although I'm happy they say the truth instead of keeping up appearances).

I have no plan on how to change this.

The only plan I ever had is giving them a better life than mine. Now my children would say that this isn't so difficult but that's not the point. The point is that no matter how I do my stinking best I miss that moment my children feel unhappy, unwanted, or perhaps just in my way.

It's not different from the pets we, I, have.

You try, do your best, and love and feed them but it isn't enough. My dogs are eaten by flies and the strange thing is years ago there were hardly any. We could sit outside without being attacked, or bitten. As the years passed by the flies increased and we can no longer be outside. Although, this Summer (too dry?) there aren't as many the few there are use my dogs' ears to multiply instead of all those sheep.

The ears are eaten and today it feels as if my eldest will die. He's on meds but he gave up and stays inside hiding his head between a cupboard and his bowl.

He looked me in the eye and I kissed his nose and although he tried to follow me he couldn't.

To give him rest, he's drugged but still in pain, I had to leave him alone.

Again I cry because this boy is my first and most beloved and I can't help him.

I fear what happens to him will happen to the others too.

I have no plan on how to save him but I hope this terrible pain will be over soon. What can I say? He no longer wants me to treat him and pull out the larvae and he cries if I touch him.

I try to care and be alert but I miss a lot which makes others miserable. How bad is that?

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everyone should have a plan, that is a plan in every way, about your dog good luck.

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1 year ago

It seems that there are lots of things that caused you pain, and worried, every problems that comes out way, we're all out of all, but as I always believe that there is always a time thAt everything will soon be over. I hope you'll be still, and be strong for your children.

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1 year ago

Life is filled with pain. I am not crying in my home and it doesn't affect my children. They are happy and continue their lives. Death is part of life. Only one child helped me bury. We continue life, I have children and more animals and a garden to take care of. I always wonder, ask myself if I could have done something different that I consider a normal thing to do. Thank you for your respresponse ♥️🍀

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1 year ago

I hope that you realize this yourself or that people close to you mentioned this to you but in the off chance this is not the case, I'll be the senseless insensitive asshole that makes you feel even worse than you already do.

If your dog is in pain, incurable and can no longer be active... I'm sorry but then it is time to let him be put down. End the pain, no matter how difficult it is to do.

Sorry but with my own dog, Spock, I needed someone to tell me before I realized it. I wish you all the strength in the world and that you'll soon be able to switch from mourning the dog's passing to celebrating the life you shared.

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1 year ago

My "dog" died with me and his pack. He is not an ordinary dog but a wolf that's why I took him from the breeder. He didn't fit the standards for a pet. Scared of the world outside and people, the vet is scared of him as well. He can't get into a car and hides plus said goodbye on his way which is fine. You may call this selfish and I'm fine with that. Btw there's nothing wrong with mourning and saying goodbye to a great animal no one wanted to give a home and brightened my life. 🍀♥️

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1 year ago

It's a bit sad to read this, I recently lost my pet, he actually lived with my parents because where I have lived I can't have pets and it was really hard for me. I would like at some point to have children or pets of my own, but everything is so difficult my friend, I really don't know if it will be a good idea to bring someone into the world if I don't have the right money.

Everyday I try hard, from the time I wake up until I go to bed I am working on various things, I hope that someday I can have a little more luck and success so that I can have a beautiful family like the one you have and be able to give them the necessary things they need and not worry about the bad things.....

I will also pray for you, that everything gets better for you and your family, life has been difficult these last few years, but today I said to myself that without the difficulties we don't try our best, we still have a lot of potential that maybe we don't know and we have to make it explode to be successful. Best of luck friend, I hope everything gets better for you soon.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your kind words and sharing your thoughts. I believe our first responsibility is taking care, good care of ourselves before we start with children, and pets. I learned that the hard way. You can spare the food out of your mouth but without you those depending on you suffer too. This means you created an extra burden. I'm sorry about your dog. My Baldr died and I hope his daughter won't die soon too but I learned there are things out of my hands. I can do my best but there's a limit to it. 🍀♥️

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1 year ago