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Dear diary

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1 year ago

After all these years I still see you. My mother took me to a tiny shop in the city and there you were. A big disappointment. Since nothing else was available I took you. Orange, so not my color and we never became friends. The color hurt my eyes.

Your paper wasn't great to write on and sharing my feelings with you, knowing others would read it, was the last thing I intend to do. I gave it a try and wrote what I had for dinner.

Dear diary,

I had a great day (it's lied), my mom was so generous (it's lied) and we ate potatoes with cauliflower.

I knew she read my diary. I knew she hated me and would use each word against me. I hid the ugly orange monster and each day again it was moved or put on my table. Parents aren't smart, at least not mine.

I have no idea what happened to you my diary. I guess I threw you away because I gave up on writing. It was saver for me plus there was nothing to share. If people, adults, don't believe you, the police states it's a normal thing for parents to do, who can you trust?

Anne Frank never wrote a diary. Her father did. The one who was the reason why the whole family was discovered and died in a concentration camp. Only he survived. Coincidence? He survived, wrote a book, pretended his daughter did and earned well. It makes one think.

Diaries are fun. At least they say they are.

My life is always the same. The same faces, same family, the same threats and lack of sleep. Being invisible wouldn't be such a bad thing. I doubt anyone would miss me.

People only miss you if you need to do something for them.

June 8, 2020


I am lost again




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Written by   747
1 year ago
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Is it true that Anne Frank never written diary?. I didn't know that. At least what i know her diary was the main source to reveal brutal holocaust done by Nazis.

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1 year ago