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1 year ago
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Cute is that kind of feeling (idea?) we have about something or someone that somehow touches our heart.

According to my child the next act (see the photo) is cute. In this case the cat, his cat is cute.


While the cat hides in the box I intend to fill with presents for my daughter I don't think he is cute. I find it intetesting he sneaked in there but cute? To me he's just a huge cat who tries to adopt me although I'm not his boss. It can't be because I am feeding him since his owner does the same. Perhaps the fact I don't drag him around and even tell him to go away (of course he doesn't since I am his favourite spot) makes his life easier.


Is it cute he talks to me, asks for permission to sit on my lap or hits me with his paw if I'm eating. In a way it can be but my heart doesn't melt if I think of this cat.

Cute to me is the dog who died only a few days ago.

He was huge but didn't ask for much attention. He felt scared outside our place, was clumsy but in a way cute. His black nose was cute and the way he ate, walked and so are my memories of him.

I remember how I just had them and took along with me. A friend looked into his bench which made him mad (he was frightened). I think that wat cute, also how he tried to protect us and decided to stand up to be near before he died. He had lost his great looks just his nose and big wolf feet remained the same. Those feet I could imagine would knock at the door of the little goats who would have left him inside. He was cute, a good boy and I miss his quick lick in the face before he ate or as a sign he was fine with it.


This camel is cute although, he never licked me.🙃

August 28, 2022

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Topics: Cute, Writing, Pets, Life, Blogging, ...


Cats are really cute, I also adopt a cat a few weeks ago, my daughter is the one who can't resist to cats cuteness, she feel pity for the cat, that's why we have it today.

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1 year ago

I still have those two extra. Two more we're offered but I can't keep all of them. Cats manage fine outside.

The cat's cuteness is more a selfish behaviour, they easily make you their servant (and pillow to lay on).

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1 year ago