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'Early warning' is a film from 1981 that probably caused little attention in that year. Today, however, it is up to date again and the link of this film is therefore widely shared on the internet.

I myself had never heard of this movie before and I don't think I saw it in 1981, now in early April 2022 I did (it's always good to see what people are talking about and form your own opinion instead of judging something you haven't seen).

This movie starts with Mike who managed to break into a secure building for a very good reason. A select club of rich people holds a meeting. This group has only one goal and that is to rule the whole world (one-world order) and they don't have to be in the spotlight for this (better not, says the spokesperson).

It takes some getting used to seeing images from 1981 again. The clothes, haircuts, the way of talking and the home furnishings. All hideous and I continue to be amazed that vintage is back in fashion today (just give me second-hand and antique).

Mike taped what was said at the council meeting of the one world foundation meeting

He is discovered, he is shot at, he escapes, mails the cassette but things don't go well for him. The risk of the profession?

Jenny contacts the journalist Sam because she has promised Mike to do so if something happens to him and from that moment on both (Jenny and Sam) are followed by the foundation who immediately use both as guinea pigs for their new plans. No printing a personal identification number on both their hands or forehead is not happening yet, but Sam's bank account and credit cards (be happy if you don't have those just like debts) are blocked with a command and that at a time when computers, internet are not yet available. was available to the average person and the mobile telephone did not yet exist. It may be interesting for younger readers to see that even without being available 24/7, people can have contact with each other, can reach each other and that when you get stranded there is someone who will help you.

Jenny wants to warn humanity and for that, she needs Sam who is not really convinced.

I myself would not be either if unsolicited parts of the Bible are quoted all the time. I am saying this today in 2022, about forty years later (just bear in mind that in the sixties in the Netherlands the belief in God was already declining rapidly and in the eighties, god and the church no longer played an active role in their life). To convince humanity, Jenny must first convince Sam and she does this while both are on the run together from the world order foundation, which of course also has a transmitter under the borrowed truck. Stranded in the desert, after a long hike, they are picked up by a group that is learning to survive without depending on that one world order, something more and more people have started to do in recent years. Be independent of what is offered in the supermarket, distance yourself from everything that is big (big spending, big pharma, big mac, big tech, big brother).

Phrases said by the one world order and worth thinking about:

* We control energy, education, food, health... we control everything

* Everyone must have 1 personal computer number and we print this on the hand or if necessary the forehead.

* You cannot buy or sell anything without this number.

* What can those few cops and soldiers do against millions of people dying of starvation?

* With today's techniques, 1 man can rule the whole world.

* One thing is for sure they can't get far without any money

From the side of the Christian(s) come the following sentences:

* Study the facts (how many people, Christians today, are really looking for the facts?)

* By controlling your money they control you

* You never know when the end is near

* I think you have a problem because you are not a Christian (are Christians saved, they are not the chosen people?)

I personally find this last sentence impossible and almost typical of the Christians among whom I grew up. People without love for their neighbours, where the ten commandments are definitely not observed or simply adapted for those who consider themselves higher than another. Charity is only for the neighbour with the same faith and he who obeys is submissive and accepts that other people rule over him. By other people, I don't mean the one world order or as we know them today the WEF but the narcissistic fellow man who likes to rule and oppress others simply because he can do this and enjoys watching people die of hunger or be shot to pieces for their higher goal while they themselves stay on their island enjoying a good wine with steak or flying around in their jet or stay on their yacht.

Is this movie enjoyable?

For me, it wasn't. The first 15 minutes make clear exactly what happens in the world right now which is shocking. Or is it terrifying people knew back then?

The ending of the movie is disappointing, a turn off to me. Whether it was the intention of the makers of this film to convey a message, to inform the people is the question. Perhaps the ending was purposely made to make the whole story sound like fiction? The weak line in the story is that Jenny falls in love with Sam and doesn't go for it because he's not a Christian (that should be true love?). So Sam should start reading the bible (doesn't love to go both ways?) according to Jenny's uncle, whose astrology lessons are just that little bit more interesting.

The Christian slant seems a bit too much to me and the end is also made. Mike clearly died for nothing and one world order is coming because no Christian finds it necessary anymore to wake up humanity after all you never know when you will die and the world can always go down (from a crisis).

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I guess the movie is about what the Bible says will happen after the rapture.

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