Christians & Lilith

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A pilgrimage to yourself that is how I see life, especially during those periods when everything is against you. I then tell myself that I will survive this again, that I have already experienced so much misery. I feel like I'm cheating myself but in times of need it's the only way to keep the courage up, keep going and stay optimistic in my journey through life, my life.

I am not an eternal smiley face and more than once I think 'I don't want any more' but after I have thought that I continue anyway. Responsibility calls, care for others, people, animals and plants.

Lilith... I feel connected to her. She stands for so much more than what is said or concealed about her. Lilith can't be there. If it already exists, then it must be kept silent. Like Adam, she was a creation made in God's image. Adam the dull man, characterless and perhaps even jealous because he was not full of life energy. Lilith was not submissive enough (according to the church) and although she was created in the image of God and as a woman was equal to Adam there could only be 1. The one was Adam and to satisfy this complaining man Eve was cloned from Adam's rib. If you think about this carefully, you can only conclude that this is a strange story.

Lilith couldn't take it anymore and ran off. Life called to her and paradise did not entice her. Was Lilith ungrateful and is therefore portrayed as a demon? While one person likes to lead a quiet life and wants to be cared for (was Adam the first slave?), the other prefers to live an active life even if this life is disappointing. You can safely say that the person for whom everything is arranged does not really live and does not learn anything.

Although Lilith left paradise, Adam and Eve were also kicked out. They too were forced to live, to take responsibility for their own actions.

We know that Cain killed his brother Abel. Supposedly, Abel was Cain's half brother and Adam's son. Cain was not. Eve helped her son Cain flee from Adam's wrath and since it was Cain who most likely procreated with Lilith (or her children) I can only conclude that God was not too fond of Adam and clone Eve. Of course it could be that Adam and Eve had even more children and that from this came a large family born of incest or that these children still met the descendants of Lilith. To me this is all just a story like any other fairy tale perhaps one with a moral. The moral of this story could be that whoever cannot accept that woman is equal to man, that in the beginning there was a goddess and a god and lies about this, will be disappointed. The truth will always find a way.

If you truly believe Lilith once lived and is a demon than ask yourself what you are, who your anchestors were back then. To me she is a godess with the courage to live and the ability to be invisible.

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Oh now someone is telling her story! It's interesting. I must say, I too can connect with Lilith in many ways... In the story I've read, she was cursed for not returning to bore 1000 demons a day.

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