Celebrating life

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Soon it will be December 5th, St Nicholas day. A day we celebrate with hot cocoa, and special treats like speculaas (spicy cookies) in the shape of a windmill, swan, or a man. That old habit of baking those cookies just like all the other preparations and the surprise gift...

This year there won't be a surprise gift just like last year.

We do have a theme it's DIY, do it yourself.

It doesn't feel as if it's nearly December the year passed by so fast and the outside world tried to keep us busy and distracted from what is really important.

Of real importance is our family life, the lack of a future for my children, and the loss of inspiration, creativity, perspective, and dreams. School doesn't make it any better and is seen as a waste of time. Time wasted on traveling and sitting in cold classrooms where teachers don't like to be. Just like us, like me, they do not feel like celebrating.

We will, we have to because I truly believe it is important to have festivities. People need hope, dreams, and something to look forward to instead of drowning in their misery.

If no one brings you hope or joy you bring it to yourself.

So today I am going to bake cookies and make the dough for speculaas, the traditional Dutch recipe for spicy cookies. Since my childhood, I consider them a special treat. Back then we made sandwiches with it and today we still do.

Norms, values, and habits like these, the way we celebrate and appreciate those little extras are what give us good memories for those hard days a year.


My cookies I didn't feel like using the wooden mal yet.

November 18, 2022

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Indeed we need hope and one of the ways to get it is from celebration. Hope makes us survive in this life.

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10 months ago

Celebrate life and cook not only in special events but great foods even for be normal days 🤭.

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10 months ago

Oh my! 😲 I love cookies my friend. It's my favorite. My partner really fond of cookies too. We both love it.

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10 months ago