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Carbon footprint

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10 months ago
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"We made a mess out of it, the world and that's why we have to do something to make it up, to make it possible to have nature, fresh air and a great world to live in left for our children."

When exactly did the idea we spoiled the world and with that, the future of our children start? Who tries to make us believe 'we' did it?

As I was a child no one cared about me, the environment, nature, CO2 or the future of the next generation. A future you built yourself by working hard.

If it comes to garbage back then we didn't have so much trash. In my childhood, empty batteries weren't collected by the shop. I collected sugar bags and cigar bands while many invested and collected stamps. The modern human collects trash. There are more garbage cans than ever and they come in different colours and shapes. Shops and supermarkets have to take the old, empty batteries back (who sells them is responsible for the empty ones). Used oil, the one we fry in is collected at the supermarkets too. The city takes care of what they call 'chemical waste' while the pharmacies collect your old or unused medication. The medication they do what exactly with? My guess is they don't throw it away and do what my grandmother did just not for free. They sell it to the next customer. Before the co-vi-d plan was enrolled some doctors start asking their clients for medication left. Those drugs are expensive and it is big business. To avoid more waste and expenses I suggest you keep your old and unused medication yourself. You might need them. Someone close to you might need them. Pharmacies and governments prove year after year the expiring date is big nonsense. We saw what they did with the expired co-vi-d injections they added a few more weeks to it.
Garbage containers. Already producing and keeping them clean is bad for the environment. Whatever your trash is it's collected. There's a container for everything. Compost (green), white glass (green), coloured glass (brown), paper (blue or brown), plastic (green or yellow), cans (grey or green) and tetra packs (green) and for what's left there's a container too (dark grey/black). In my childhood, we did with one trash can and it was collected once a week. One single trash can for the entire household. Five to six people consumed but left less footprint than the average person today.

We are not the ones who spoiled the earth. We bought glass bottles with milk, buttermilk and yoghurt which the milkman delivered and collected. These glass bottles weren't thrown away. We bought sugar, flour, pasta, tea, coffee, salt, cookies in paper bags at the grocery not wrapped in plastic and next a paper box. We didn't buy sealed cucumbers and twice in plastic wrapped fruits that look rotten or is unripe. We bought pills in paper boxes provided by the pharmacy, lemonade in a glass bottle and newspapers and magazines were shared with neighbours, friends, family before they ended in a container of some aid fund that collected them for the elderly in homes. Back then we didn't travel around the world even camping with the family in our own country was rare. You stayed home and lucky children stayed with grandparents or an aunt during the long summer if they didn't need to work. We walked or had a bike the lucky one a car.

We didn't waste food. We had a left-overs-day once a week, didn't eat out of packages and fast-food restaurants didn't exist neither did doggy bags. Snack bars only sold chips, 'frikandel' (a sausage)/and croquet in a paper bag, no plastic, no plastic bag either. While reading this back I can only conclude that we aren't me. Those 'we' aren't the people of my grandparents' generation, my parents' or mine. We did not ask for drinks in tetra packs, soda in plastic throw-away bottles. We did not hold a petition for wrapping cucumbers in plastic. We did not ask to put each teabag in a paper wrap, next in a box and plastic. We did not ask for palm fat and transfat or begged McDonald to start a trashy fake food 'restaurant' over here.
We don't want to throw away a good car, radio, tv, fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer or oven because the government says it's too old and bad for the environment (the production of new isn't)? We aren't the ones to blame for leaving a dirty, messy (or is it messed up?) world behind for the next generation.

The next generation? My next generation already exists and doesn't care about brand new. Second-hand clothes, furniture, bikes, cars, and phones are fine too. We are not the ones who did mess up. So who is 'we'?

Who are those folks forcing millions of people into using plastic bags, buying sealed salat, cabbage and cucumbers, making them drink milk and juice out of plastic bottles or tetra packs? Who are those people who sell us more boxes, plastic and wrappings than items? Most families have a fridge, shop daily. Food has hardly a chance of getting spoiled with all those chemicals added to it. Chemicals I didn't ask for either. Even brown sugar is fake these days.

The statement I leave a big footprint behind is a lie. I'm not buying this story. I don't feel responsible for whatever is claimed to be wrong. For as long as I can remember I use my own shopping bag, reuse wrapping paper and plastic bags and wear clothes others no longer fit. I refuse to buy sealed cucumbers and never bought a new car or drove around for fun. My clothes are old and I have 2 sets for Winter, two for Summer. I don't own a microwave, fridge, dryer, stereo system or radio. I do not watch tv and have no computer. I save on electricity. Nothing plugged in overhere, no adapters in the socket, only hot water if needed. I make my own washing detergent out of soap and washing soda. My other cleaning products are vinegar and a bit of bleach if needed. I can make and bake my bread, cakes, cookies, sauces myself and do not visit fast food 'restaurants'. I don't throw paper, bags, cans of trash outside on the streets or dump my bag with garbage in nature. My dogs? They never poop outside on the street and I never smoked a cigarette.

So again I say 'we' isn't me. I am the one who doesn't waste food, reuses and recycles and doesn't see any point in throwing away what has expired even if it's for over two years. I'll use it if my nose tells me it's still good. I am not the one who buys new if what I have can be consumed. I avoid loans and have no debts.
I am the one with one shopping bag filled with trash. One bag a week only for the entire family and most of it is indeed... plastic. The plastic bag the dog food is sold in.

So if you say 'we' leave a dirty earth behind I tell you that 'we' doesn't involve me, not my generation nor the elderly. They didn't waste but were economical and frugal.

Those big spenders, those wealthy men ruling the world are the owners of those fat footprints. They also own the factories, the government, the plant seeds the world needs, the petrochemical industry, big pharma and so on. They decide when it's time for us to buy something new. They literally talk people into it, force them to take a loan for TVs, computers, smartphones, smart fridges, electric cars, solar panels and so on and you know what? No matter what people do it's never good enough. Refusing to buy the 'better' expensive stuff makes one an environment unfriendly person but if you do buy it they calculate your carbon footprint is too high.

The earth will always be 'in danger', this world will always be 'a dirty place' as long as those who benefit from it make a business model out of it. As long as they succeed to blame others for their huge, filthy footprint and entire nations fall for these lies.
The carbon footprint of the rich never gets smaller because they won't give up on their luxury lifestyle. They fly in their private jets, collect and drive the fastest cars while I collect the sugar bags others give me. The wealthy have a vacation, hunt protected animals, eat meat and fish in fancy restaurants without finishing their plates or showing a QR code. Their carbon footprint, their CO2 emissions are hundreds of times higher than mine. Even their words, the nonsense they spit out are venom and polluted waste.

While they keep talking about the next crisis - how we have to save the environment for the new generation - there's not one single thing they do to make this world a better place. They keep living in their big expensive houses. I'm pretty sure the waste one single man only produces a day, is more than my family generates a month.
It isn't me who leaves a big footprint, it isn't me who changed this world into the worst place to be for the next generation. I do not feel responsible for what they did and still do and I'm not going to pay the bill while they wreck up the place and fill their pockets. It's their responsibility, let them pay for a change.

The past two years proved they do not care about health, the elderly, CO2 emission or garbage. Those facemasks prove it. It takes only over 400 years to get rid of them. Why was the plastic bag again banned? The mountain with syringes, injected fluids (destroyed in several countries), plastic skirts, gloves, plastic bottles with disinfection that turned out to be a big scam, all those tests... There's more medication sold than ever just to fight the side effects of lockdowns, injections, stress, depression, to commit all those murders and suicides.
During these two years, the world didn't become a better or cleaner place. That footprint increased rapidly which anyone could foresee. Anyone who used his brains and ventilated his house daily instead of living in a room where the pollution is twenty times higher than in the average capital city.

Next time you talk about what 'we' have to do bite your tongue and say: This is what I will do. I will make this world a better place.
I guess that if Bill gets what he and his Eugenics mates (the elite) planned the world population will be reduced by 15% soon. If so there won't be a next generation to leave anything to which means trash, a huge footprint is no longer an issue.

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Written by   853
10 months ago
Topics: Writing, Life, Freewrite, Lifestyle, 2022, ...
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