Aristocrat x sheep

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10 months ago

Can't we talk about nothing for a change? I mean what's the point people already make a lot of noise, and the more you say the less respond.

Let's keep our mouths shut and enjoy the silence...the silence of the lambs. Btw lambs aren't silent I know because I'm surrounded by sheep. Sheep and lambs. I heard a strange noise this afternoon. A sheep being slaughtered suggested my child but that's not what I heard. A sheep in labour perhaps? If so I doubt mom sheep will say: little lamb today is a great day in your history. She won't say anything and do what she needs to do till her lamb is carried away by holding it at the front legs. She will follow no matter if the placenta drops partly out of her womb. No man cares about that only women do.

Sheep... don't have matrimonial ambitions why should they? They don't need a guy to take care of them. They walk, eat, and chew. Unless they fall on their back they will survive. I assume they eat everything if it comes to it just like goats. Goats go for trees, paper, and clothes and stand up straight against the last tree. They don't care about nature, property, or aristocrats. They walk, eat and chew and repeat that day after day for their entire life. How cool is that?

If it comes to cool aristocrats are not. Cool blooded they are, cool blooded and selfish they are not the best invention since the mousetrap since they exist longer. Isn't it strange how the plebs never ended that? The aristocrat, no not the aristocrats those cats Disney introduced, knows only the dumb plebs will allow them to reign. Only the dumb plebs will pay them. That's why they get rid of the intelligent people. Knowing your enemy is one thing but accepting them, let them express themselves is a different story. The aristocrat will not take the risk to be kicked off his thrown.

Aristocrats and plebs are just like the birth of a lamb by a sheep part of an ecosystem or if you like the circle of life. We all get born, see the light or stay in the dark till the moment we die and pay the ferry to join Hades or Frau Holle or simply stay 6 feet underground no matter if we lived a great life or one in fear, were generous or greedy. Can be you will be judged for gossiping, being a liar, traitor, handcuffed thief, or criminal but to be honest I don't think so. Why not? Because if that would be the case God wouldn't love his lost sheep and search for it. Not that I believe a sheep ever gets lost. Except for Shaun the Sheep, sheep aren't adventurous they just eat, chew, eat, chew, drop a lamb, eat, chew and might sleep or rest if they don't eat. Crime pays, gossiping, lying does ask the aristocrats, banks, media, and all those big online shops. Only sheep eat it all, chew it, and never ask or even wonder why.

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10 months ago