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A slow start

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1 month ago

The weather changed and I need to rush. I wasted too much time. I have to but I am tired. I try to go to bed earlier but if I make it at all I can't sleep. Sleeping has always been hard for me. The pain keeps me awake or wakes me up. I sleep on a painful back, feel cold and try to fight the nauseous. I wish I felt rested for once.

A slow start... very slow start of the day. Out of bed, dishes, laundry. A fight with the old phone, Appics, Google and who sent their bot Daan home. At it's not allowed to complain about a lost parcel, not allowed to complain about the postman who lied. The postman whoever he may be, never rang at the door, never left a message and today I know he never left the parcel behind at the supermarket which is the place where all parcels of people not being at home end up. The postman is a liar and the track and trace info is fake.

I cut a tree and the rose bush and pulled some weed.

Easy does it, especially if no one gives you a hand.

"Is it so hot," I ask while I sit in my chair. It's not hot but cold. Cold? If I go outside I notice it's warmer than it is inside.

My new provider sucks I have hardly a connection. This has to change. I should paint the wood, the house it's a roof but it's no paint, no real varnish but a watery substance that drips all over my hand, wrist, dress and the new ladder. The varnish or whatever it is is not the same as what I used for the other roof. Let's hope it works. Tomorrow I'll see the result.

Wasps are buzzing around my head they feel annoyed. A bunch of them stick together behind the small door. I close it and will buy a spray tomorrow. Those guys who installed that pole on my roof didn't kill them all.

While I do the roof one child cleans my bedroom window and the other one puts tape on the crack. How come my children are so slow? How can it be I am faster varnishing the roof than they can clean a window? How come slow me does so much more?

I paint the window frame for the third time. Five times are most likely needed. It doesn't look bad, the half-rotten broken frame will make it through the winter. The house... all the repairments will look better one day. On that day I finished it which will be hopefully before the Winter starts, before Autumn. I hope it will remain for at least a few winters so what tired me does now doesn't need to be done soon again.

It's cold, grey, windy, cloudy and at top of a 3-meter high ladder isn't the place to be. I still need to prepare the meal of the day. I keep it simple and low carb. Although keto didn't make me lose weight during the past weeks I am fine with it. I don't feel hungry at all. I lost my appetite just feel thirsty no matter how much I drink. No weight loss and I doubt I have more muscles but hey, you never know.

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Written by   737
1 month ago
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It's okey just keep it slow but steady. Thats the most important things in most aspects of life. It's not how fast we can be but how we endure and patient along the process that makes us reach all the way to the success we wanted.

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1 month ago