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A loss of 7 kg

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1 month ago
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The youngest had to visit the doctor. Not a real doctor but the school doctor. Those people who sit there in an office their only job is to test ears, vision, measure how tall you are and they are interested in the child's weight. It will all be registered and send to the headquarter where files about students are kept and used. So do not believe you are anonymous or your child is.
Officially a school has to ask for permission. As a parent, you are responsible and will be responsible if something goes wrong. Being talked about, threatened or forced into it is no excuse and you cannot use it for your defend.
Permission to have a look at your child is not the same as permission to share this information with whoever is interested in it.
Preschool for example needs your permission to give their opinion about your child to kindergarten and kindergarten to primary school and so on.
A hospital needs your permission to share your medical information with your family doctor. You can say no. So if you do not like everyone to know everything about you, your child you should use that right.
If it comes to children each child develops in its way. Schools, teachers do not care about individuals they care about the average. Your child needs to be average with everything and if not average a bit better.
It's hard to be average because people, nations use different average standards if it comes to body size and weight to start with. There is no average if over 50% of the population is foreign and 10 if not 20% of all babies are born prematurely. But the average is easier to work with and so are the old schedules which are not based on exceptions and differences. When investing in something new if old theories still work?

My youngest and the entire class with it should show up in the capital city at 8 a.m. I did not come along this time because it's a drive of 100 kilometres for just waiting. We discussed what this health check was about, what is allowed and what is not. I also asked how they would respond if they did something unwanted or what isn't allowed. Like a good child, it said it would walk out the door "if I don't you will kill me," it said. I was kind of surprised about that answer since I wouldn't kill my child but I would be angry for sure and it's better to avoid that. On the other hand, we parents all know that if other people harm your child you can be as mad as you want to but the harm is already done. To be honest I am not so sure if it would walk out of the door since adults can easily force into situations they don't want.

"Let me know once you are out of there," I said which happened around 10:30 a.m. I assume the way to the health centre was found (I drew the road from the bus station) back to school would be a walk with three classmates.

"I lost 7 kilograms of weight in the last year. I doubt it since that scale makes me 1 kilogram heavier than the one we have at home. It looks like our kitchen scales just bigger."

"Congratulations on your 7 kg of weight loss"

"They find it something to worry about."

"Is it? Will they say that to overweighted children too? Will they say the same to overweighted children who did their best to lose weight?"

"I need to be more active too."

Can this advice be taken seriously? My children wake up at 4 a.m. They rush to the bus stop, take the bus for one hour. Next, they walk 20 minutes to school (the youngest takes an extra bus and walks to school). They do this twice a day. Each day they have 45 minutes of gymnastics and it's always soccer or running. Once home they help out with everything that needs to be done. Mowing half a hectare of ground with a small lawnmower, cutting trees and sawing timber. They help with the shopping and always lift and carry the heaviest things. My children aren't lazy. They cook, clean, do the laundry and never watch tv.

In short... My child lost weight but for sure not 7 kilograms and needs to be more active? I wonder when at night perhaps?

As I congratulated my youngest on the weight loss I meant it. I am glad they mentioned the seven kilograms because now there's a number to be proud of. I still remember how shocked I was as I picked it up a few Summers ago after I came out of the hospital. Believe me, I was shocked. I hardly recognized the overweighted grumpy child on the sofa.

"How come you are so fat!" Indeed that is what I said and these words made it want to lose weight. Look like it once looked. A beautiful slim girl with confidence. That confidence is back now and as long as the child eats what I give it is fine with me. About two more kilograms of weight loss and she has a perfect body mass. A normal body like it should be not the overweighted one we all are so used to and keep saying about it is normal. Being overweight isn't normal. Body, belly fat is good for all kinds of diseases and toxic is stored in fat! It's not that the child is hungry and faints or is in need. No cramps or any other health issues and yesterday... She ate two pieces of Tiramisu chocolate pie and one Stroopwafel (syrup waffle).

Life isn't about weight only but about how you feel in your body. If you can live with what you see in the mirror. My child didn't feel good and wanted to be slimmer even if I had never mentioned being fat (this was over two years ago so no immediately result). I decided to give a hand, cooperate with this struggle because with two it's easier than alone plus the time to do it is right.

To lose weight you need to be motivated and it's so much easier if someone stimulates you.
Ice cream, cookies, pie, chocolate are not forbidden food or history either is hot chocolate. It all depends on the total intake, how you prepare it, how much and when you eat.

I am proud of my child and will monitor its health. I am perfectly capable to see if my child is healthy or not and don't need an office to tell me how to feed and raise my child.

I wonder how come those who are aware of what they eat (proteins, vitamins, minerals) and are healthy are always corrected by someone. If medical care, advice is so great as they claim to be how come all those unhealthy people do not receive the help they need? How come at schools they preach and teach a healthy lifestyle but the food in canteens are far from healthy?
Weight control, the right to say "no" to food forced upon you has to be taught at an early age. As an adult, parents included, we force food upon children. We want them to eat. We still tell the story they need to be grateful for their meal but with each force, we push them into a more unhealthy life. A life with many health issues. Heavy bones do not exist. You create them by eating too much. It is a disability that can be avoided just like feet trouble, joint issues, back pain and so much more.

Losing weight at a young age is easier because fat cells can still be removed. Once an adult they can only shrink.
Being overweight is no longer a sign of being wealthy. In the Western world, it stands for poverty, an unhealthy food intake and your child will be bullied or turn into a bully. This is not what I want for my child. I want it to feel happy about what it achieved and don't care about what others say. I am a proud mom of a child with a strong will and a healthy body and mind.

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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   734
1 month ago
Topics: 2021, Life, Writing, Freewrite, Diet, ...
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Congrats to your kid's weight loss. However, in my case, I need to gain a lil weight since I am too skinny and I don't like it 😅.

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1 month ago

Parents really needs to monitor their childs health so they will be used to it. It's for them too to not get bullied, and don't bully also. While teaching a child to be conscious in their health teach them also to be sensitive and understand others health problems.

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1 month ago

Congratulatioms on the weight loss of your child! I also want to achieve that, but food is indirectly forced in this house hold. They keep telling me I should not diet because I am skinny as f, even I don't feel good about my weight. I am insecure, and I want to lose weight, but no one is supportive of that.

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1 month ago

Nowadays I am getting weight day by day just because of my laziness. Any tips for me to weight loss without doing any exercise.🙈

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1 month ago