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Layla's Gift for the Late Mama

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2 months ago

It was drizzling that night, outside the house there was a faint sound of the wind moving, from the glass of the room you could see fog filling the flower garden belonging to the late mother. The late mama really liked flowers, whatever the type of flower, said Papa, "Mommy really liked flowers, one day when mama and papa were running in the morning, while passing by the road on the edge of a small lake, right under the shade of a pine tree there were growing roses, Mama immediately approached and pick them up carefully and then plant them back in the garden.

For me, my late mother was a good person, her heart was easily touched. One day, when the weather was very hot, in front of the house I heard a traveling fried seller offering his food, "Fried, fried, cheap, still warm," The merchant looked exhausted, sweat drops and the color of dust on his wrinkled face seemed to tell that he was tenacious and tireless worker. The fried food vendor immediately approached Mama and began to open the fried food in a cloth covered container.

"Buy how much, ma'am? The merchant asked

Mama replied, “We only bought half of it, sir?

The fried food vendor happily wrapped the fries then said, "50 thousand in total, ma'am?"

Mama gave 100 thousand rupiah, “Mom, the money is too big. There is no change yet, ma'am," said the fried food seller a little regretfully

"It's okay, just take the change for your wife and children at home, okay?"

Hearing Mama's words, the merchant's face looked half embarrassed but happy while thanking him.

That's how Mama taught me about the meaning of doing good, not with a lot of advice, but directly with examples of very noble deeds. Mama once said when we had breakfast before leaving for school, "Honey, children need more examples than criticism."

Five years have passed, mama left me and papa. I am an only child, I am grateful to have very kind and loving parents. Papa is very responsible, so is Mama. During those five years, papa never looked for a substitute for mama. Even though I'm curious, I don't dare to talk about why papa hasn't found a replacement for mama. But that night, my curiosity was answered when papa approached me in the room at night.

One winter night papa came into my room and approached me who was sick lying on the bed, papa stroked my hair and occasionally kissed my forehead while lying next to me.

I ventured to ask, "Pah, why haven't you found a substitute for mama?"

Papa was silent for a moment. In my mind, I guessed whether papa was offended and would be angry at my question, while lying down and covering my body with a blanket papa said for a long time, "For papa, one wife is enough for two lives, dear. If human destiny does not leave it will be abandoned, if not so when we will feel that someone is very valuable in our life."

I looked at Papa's eyes which were starting to tear up, I felt sorry for asking, but my heart was quite relieved because my curiosity for the past five years was answered. Papa took a picture of Mama that I put on the table beside the bed, Papa rubbed the photo and said meaningfully,

"Son, someday when you meet people who love you, meet anyone who loves you, whether it's your life partner, or friends, do good to them, love them sincerely as Mama loves you and papa. Be a good person to everyone. , because that's what mom always taught us both How, are you ready dear?

“Layla is ready, papa. Layla wants to be like mommy to be a kind and loving person”

"Well, this is papa's new son. Now we take a break. Tomorrow's mom's birthday. We celebrate by going on a pilgrimage to Mama's grave. What gift would you like to give for your late mother's birthday this year?

"Mommy's dead, can't Layla give a present for her late mother's birthday? I ask

"Who said it couldn't ?

"Yes, Mama is no longer there, Daddy. How does Layla give her gifts and what are the gifts?

"Honey, gifts don't always have to be in the form of objects, doing good for parents doesn't have to be when mom or dad is still alive. Whenever you can do good and give gifts to your late mother. Want to know what the gift is, honey?

"What daddy? I asked curious

“The gift this time and for Mama's next birthday is a prayer. Praying for a mother who has passed away is not only a gift from you, son, but it is the obligation of every child to serve his parents who have died."

"Ready to do it, papa. Let's rest so that tomorrow we can go on a pilgrimage to Mama's grave." I answered excitedly while hugging papa, papa returned the hug with a soft kiss then turned off the room light and finally we both fell asleep

The End

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Written by   12
2 months ago
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Love this 🤗. These are important things we need to always remember and practice everyday of our lives.

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2 months ago

Thank you so much friends for reading. Have a nice day

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2 months ago

You too 💝

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2 months ago