The World is Unfair. Blockchain Makes it Fair.

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1 year ago

Previously, one read an article on Gumroad and decided to try it. Just after finishing one's previous competition/hackathon/whatever it's called ("Spring is NEAR challenge" is the name), one tries to see if one could sell on Gumroad. One thing to check, considering one lives in a country that's not strong with finance, is to check whether things can be paid to my country.

So Gumroad either pays via direct transfer or paypal. Unfortunately, where they can send direct transfer, one isn't located at. And Paypal, they refuse my country to receive payments (can only send money out, no in). Seriously? This only strengthens in one's heart what cryptocurrencies could do; and the need for cryptocurrencies to replace existing fiat currencies as the worldwide payment system. For fiat, what's seems to be fair isn't actually fair at all; they are for the countries aggregating more wealth; not for others.

Despite coming a long way, ending slavery, abolishing racism, and lots of other stuffs and activities going on, striving for equity and fairness; most that receives attention seeks on whether the few could benefits from, if they accepts the activity. For example, paypal is available in 200+ countries; not every single countries. It means for the rest; whether your country isn't trustible; or isn't worth our attention. And like one's country: you're allowed to use paypal to aggregate more wealth to those countries that could receive money via paypal; so the wealthy gets more wealthy, the medium and the poor gets poorer. Equity and Fairness is only considered after profits can be maximized.

And previously studying in the UK, one just closes the Paypal account and open one in one's country. From the dashboard, it's clear that it isn't equal. Let's skip receiving money. What's an extra tab that Paypal UK has? Crypto. Sorry to say, Paypal, but you had it the wrong way. Bitcoin isn't first invented for the rich to invest in and aggregate even more wealth. They're for those whom had enough with the old fiat currencies, the unfairness that it brought, that they starts loving cryptocurrencies with its trading openness and borderless. It's there to give the poor a chance to earn enough so they can stop being poor. It might not be a solution to end extreme poverty (because they might be too hungry that they needs support); but they're for those in poverty to rise to the average. Donations helps those in extreme poverty to rise out of "extreme", and they could, benefitting from cryptocurrencies, rise out of "poverty" to "average". Crypto tab should not exist in rich countries, but in poor countries.

Things are happening quicker and quicker. The big countries are still developing much faster than those developing and underdeveloped countries. Whether or not developing and underdeveloped countries could ever catch up with developed (or even over-developed) countries is a question.

It's the inhabitants that are severely affected, because the world classifies people and how they are treated based on their residing country.

Albeit, we can't really complain too much. We have developed much faster than we expected to. Human evolutions haven't yet caught up, mother nature haven't updated our genes; and we can already manipulate genes. Little did mother nature knows, she created a species that grows so quickly whom created machineries that they cannot yet handle with their evolution state.

We shall strive to get internet to reach every single place where people wants to communicate with outside world. If an individual or a tribe refuses to communicate with outside world, it's okay to not install internet; their choice. If they wants internet, but they're too poor to have internet; then... Without internet, cryptocurrencies cannot reach them. Cryptocurrencies currently is only equal for those that can access to the internet. Without internet, they're still not equally treated.

Then, build more apps that relies on cryptocurrencies than fiat, be it dApps or cApps (centralized Apps). It doesn't matter; is a cApp that relies on cryptocurrencies. We need more apps that relies on cryptocurrencies, replacing Amazon, Cloud Services, Upwork and their equivalents, Gumroad and their equivalent, etc. An app that can accept cryptocurrencies could reach most people that have internet access.

And with physical entities accepting cryptocurrencies for payment: to buy an apple from a shop with cryptocurrencies; to buy a stationary, etc. lies another layer for cryptocurrency mass adoption. When one could choose to buy an apple with fiat or crypto, then it doesn't matter anymore if one earns in fiat or crypto. Provided that crypto offers simplified signups and payment issues (no need to deal with banks, etc; except the unavoidable tax payment), things are much more simplified and people starts adopting cryptocurrencies if it makes their life easier. Tell me, do you love to fill in forms after forms after forms just to get a single thing done that actually doesn't need the information from the forms filled in? Do you enjoy the process of filling in forms, the annoyance of dealing with third parties and choicelessness of your country's not being accepted?

Equity, fairness. Who knows how long before we reach there.

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1 year ago


Absolutely right. I agree. It feels like a headache when you are willing to offer your services but can't because the so-called "payment methods" restrict you from doing so. There are many reasons cyrptocurrency should replace other currencies( even having high fluctuation); but, if you ask for one it would be " It's openness and borderlessness"(as you said).

Good work.

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1 year ago