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We tell you how to sweeten up while on a Chrono diet. Chrono sweets are probably the best part of the Chrono diet, except during the restriction period.

The Chrono diet itself is an absolute hit among nutritionists. You must have heard of her before. It is a diet that does not count your snacks, does not prohibit entire food groups, in a word, does not make you starve.

Apart from being good for health, it is also great for the line. And if you ask us, the best part of this diet is that - it allows sweets.

Now, when any of us think of sweets that might be allowed in one diet, we usually think of something dry, integral, in a word, tasteless. But what if we tell you that Chrono sweets are different? What if we tell you that they include chocolate?


Me too.

Chrono diet in short

You must already know a lot about the Chrono diet. That is why we will not waste too much time explaining what a Chrono diet is. However, its basics are important to understand how Chrono sweets fit into the entire program.

The Chrono diet was devised by French nutritionist Dr. Alain Delabo. The basic idea, he says, behind this diet was to design a program in which you will lose weight, but at the same time, you will eat well.

However, this diet, conditionally speaking, is not burdened with weight loss. The goal of a Chrono diet is for your body to find its right, appropriate weight.

In other words, a Chrono diet is not something you accept until you lose weight and then return to your normal eating habits. Oh no! The idea is that once you start living by the Chrono rules, you don't make steps out of the designed regime.

In order not to fall into the temptation to break the diet (whoever did not fall into this temptation, let him throw the stone first), the Chrono diet includes everything that would otherwise break the rules, including sweets.

How could we do that?


It is enough to know that all food groups can work in our favor (remember the pyramid of healthy food from primary school?) And not harm us in the form of fat deposits, or worse, cellulite on the legs. All we need to know is when to eat them.

Sweets in the Chrono diet

What would young people say, what a life hack! We found a hole in the system and we will pass sweets through it, even if it was our last.

So, you just need to know when you are allowed to eat sweets.

As part of the Chrono diet, sweets are allowed to be eaten only in the afternoon, and it is ideal between a Chrono lunch and a Chrono dinner.

Why is it so? We have already said that your Chrono diet does not count calories and does not prohibit food. Moreover, it does not determine your portion size. However, this does not mean that this diet is not aware of food overload.

Since chronic breakfast is the most abundant meal of the day when you would add something sweet to that amount of food, the organism would fall into shock, not to mention it would trot completely.

Simply, when a rich breakfast raises the blood sugar level, the organism that is used to the Chrono diet knows exactly how to prepare for its decomposition. However, if Chrono sweets were included in the whole story, the glucose level would jump so much that the body would not be able to process it with quality.

As a result, sugar sticks to blood vessels, and fat deposits start to form, and then we didn't do anything.

Therefore, you should stay away from sweets, even if they were Chrono sweets, in parts of the day when the body does not cope very well with sugar, which is in the evening and, far more, in the morning.

Chrono diet: sweets are allowed

The first and basic rule of the Chrono diet, therefore, when it comes to chronic sweets, is: everything that contains sugars (including fruit) must not be eaten in the morning and in the evening. Since you have a snack between lunch and dinner, you can dedicate that meal to Chrono sweets.

The fact that you can eat Chrono sweets between a Chrono lunch and a Chrono dinner, however, does not mean that you can eat sweets at any time during this period.

You must strictly adhere to the snack term and you must not snack on absolutely anything between meals.

As for the Chrono sweets that are allowed within the Chrono diet, it should be said that it would be good to avoid white table sugar in general, although it is not strictly forbidden (except during the restriction period). Chrono sweets should be, to some extent, a healthier variant of desserts, especially if you like to eat more cookies.

The best choice for an afternoon candy is dark chocolate, preferably one that contains more than 70% cocoa. Then when you get bored of chocolate (if that ever happens), you can also eat some dried fruits, such as raisins, dried cranberries, dried figs, dried apricots, or prunes, which are all great quick treats. If you like olives or avocados, they can also be a nice snack, as well as walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, and similar fruits.

In particular, it is important that the sweets you take into the body have a low glycemic index, that is, that they do not raise the blood sugar level too quickly. That is why it is better to choose yellow sugar or natural sweeteners such as honey in the regular Chrono diet. Read in detail which foods are allowed in the Chrono diet.

If you really have to eat a heavier candy, make sure it is 4-6 hours between the previous and next meal.

As for homemade Chrono sweets that you can prepare for yourself at home, you should generally avoid the following ingredients:

  • white sugar

  • White flour

  • cow milk

  • yogurt

  • cheese

  • margarine

  • sweet soft dough

  • rice

fruits and vegetables with too much starch.

Although, technically, they do not belong to sweets, let us immediately mention: carbonated drinks will count as a dessert, because they contain too much sugar, so it would be ideal to completely eliminate them from use.

In the period between 4-6 o'clock in the afternoon, your insulin peak will be best satisfied with dried fruit, dark chocolate, but also jams, honey, or maple syrup, as well as approximately 2 glasses of freshly squeezed fruit juice. Choose these healthier variants and you will see that the Chrono diet will have a much better effect on both your line and your health.

Chrono sweets in restriction

The only period that is difficult to endure within the Chrono diet is the restriction period. Then this diet really starts to look like a diet.

This period is primarily designed for people who are a little overweight. If you are not familiar with what exactly the restriction period means, it is enough to follow about 20 rules of Chrono diet in restriction and you will be on the right path.

Generally, this period lasts about a month (minimum 28 days) and then, as a rule, the body should be cleansed of toxins and thus excess weight.

If you manage to lose weight earlier, you can break the restriction period even before the prescribed period. By the same logic, if you are overweight and find it difficult to lose it, the restriction period should last even longer (even up to a year, depending on the organism, health, and weight).

As far as Chrono sweets are concerned, we have bad news. They are completely forbidden. This means that you will not be allowed to smell anything that contains sugar during the entire restriction period.

And when we say everything, we really mean it: the restriction eliminates fruit from the diet because it contains fructose, that is. fruit sugar. The same goes for honey, any type of dessert (if it contains white or yellow sugar or any type of sweetener, turn in the opposite direction), and juices, and other fruit-based drinks.

Moreover, the whole snack is eliminated from the diet for a month, and the meals are spread over 5 hours apart. The complete amount of food is reduced during this period in the diet, and anything that has the same or similar components as sugars will be eliminated from the diet. This will include vegetables that contain too much starch and other carbohydrates.

While in the regular Chrono diet you can eat both cakes and pies, in the restriction there is no healthy variant that you are allowed to eat.

You can compensate for the desire for sweets with a dough (for example, Chrono bread with different allowed seeds) because you are allowed to eat dough made of any flour except wheat and corn.

Chrono candy recipes

The Chrono diet is so popular today that you can find entire books on how to prepare adequate meals to cover every meal of the day. Although chronic sweets are not particularly covered, you can still have fun with them by creating your own recipes with allowed foods.

We will cover your snack here, and the sweet one, in a few days. You can find more other ideas on the Internet or on various Chrono forums and blogs. These are chronic sweets that are made quickly and easily and will satisfy your desire for sweets every day.

Chocolate foam with avocado

This dessert is prepared in less than 10 minutes, it does not contain fat and a lot of sugar, and it is also a suitable dessert for vegans.

The necessary ingredients for this recipe are:

  • 1 avocado

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup

  • 2 tablespoons toasted cocoa beans

  • 5 tablespoons of almond milk (instead you can add some other milk of your choice, except cow's milk).

All these ingredients, well cleaned, should be blended until you get a fine homogeneous creamy foam. Serve in glasses, preferably chilled.

Chocolate pudding with cinnamon

This treat is prepared even faster, in just 5 minutes. It is ideal for winter days when cinnamon adds a bit of its charm to the whole atmosphere of a tucked-away winter evening.

You need:

  • 1 larger avocado

  • 1 banana

  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup

  • 2 tablespoons toasted cocoa beans (or cocoa powder, but no added sugar)

  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

  • pinch of salt (optional)

  • 20 ml of water.

Put all these ingredients in a blender and mix until you get a homogeneous mixture. If you prefer a thick pudding, you can leave it in the fridge for about 2 hours to gain density.

Clementine cookies

Here is one slightly harder dessert that can serve as a snack that you really get full of. You can adapt the recipe to your own taste, and change the type of flour or fruit with which you will make cookies so that you adapt to the current season or simply change the taste and make a little change in the menu.

For cookies you need:

puff pastry packaging (you can also knead it with wholemeal flour, at home)

a few clementines (or another fruit of your choice)

homemade jam (you can experiment, then use marmalade from several fruits, for example).

To prepare, you will also need a filling, for which you need:

250 ml of milk (you can also use almond, soy, or some other)

½ Vanilla sticks

2 egg yolks

20 g of sugar (preferably not white)

a little dark rum

a pinch of sea salt.

Heat the milk with grated vanilla. While it heats up, whisk the egg yolks and sugar and add a little sea salt. When the milk is well heated, mix this whipped mixture. Stir well and return to low heat until completely combined, then allow to cool.

Place the puff pastry in a mold, coat with the filling, and place a slice of clementine on each cookie. Heat the jam or marmalade, then put one teaspoon on each cookie.

Bake them for 30 minutes and then leave to cool for about 1 hour.

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