20 rules of restriction in the Chrono diet and tables of allowed foods!

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You have decided to lose weight, you have come across a Chrono diet, but the rules that require a restriction in the Chrono diet are not clear to you? We will try to explain them as best we can!

This phase in Chrono nutrition is mentioned somewhere as obligatory, and somewhere it is not mentioned at all, and that is why it has remained a bit unclear. However, it is a necessary phase that you need to go through if you want to lose weight and have a flat stomach.

The Chrono diet is becoming increasingly popular and is becoming a way of life just like vegetarianism or veganism. Have you noticed that few people talk about it as a diet? It is true that it can help you lose weight, but it is more a way of life and a change in attitude towards food than a diet. That is the secret of its success and popularity - it gives visible results that you will find evidence of at every step, it allows you to eat everything and still lose weight.

How do you eat it all and still lose weight?

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Chrono diet is based on the fact that it is important not only what to eat, but also when to eat.

This is a rule that is very well known to diabetics in life. They adapt their diet in accordance with their organism and therapy. Those who are healthy do not need insulin therapy, but it is good to adjust their diet to the secretion of this hormone. It is known when and how many times insulin is active in our body and hence the need to eat three meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack.

You work the same way when you follow the rules of a Chrono diet.

  • Watch what you eat

  • What time do you eat

  • How you combine foods

Do you eat bread with every meal?

Do you drink water immediately after eating, do you eat fruit immediately after water?

If you like to combine piles of different ingredients and flavors to get a unique blend for your palate, you may want to slow down a bit now. You can't combine anything just like that! Here are the foods allowed in the Chrono diet.

The weight loss process, you will see, will significantly eliminate the cellulite you have. To make your skin really perfect and smooth, our advice is to use completely natural methods. Diet is one of them, but not the only one. My friend Katarina drastically reduced cellulite is another natural way.

It is important to combine foods properly

To start losing weight with the Chrono diet, it is not enough to just pay attention to time, but you also need to give up some things in the beginning. Dr. For that reason, Ana Gifing recommends a restriction in the Chrono diet. Here's what it's really about….

What is the restrictive period in the Chrono diet?

As we said, this is a phase that is not part of Alan Delabos ’original idea and it was introduced by Dr. Ana Gifing in order for this diet to bring faster results when it comes to losing weight.

Just as the name suggests, at this stage some foods have been discontinued and this is a restrictive diet that should ensure weight loss and intake of fewer calories.

The idea was for this to be an individual plan made for each individual. Before starting a Chrono diet (ie its restrictive period, because only that part can be considered a diet in terms of diet for weight loss), it is necessary to consult a nutritionist and take a food intolerance test.

Food that proves problematic on this test is immediately removed from the menu. This leads to the recovery of the organism and the expulsion of toxins. They are not necessarily always some poisons, but everything that harms our body, even if it is nutritious!

For people who do not have a large excess weight, a restriction in the Chrono diet will not be necessary, but the change in life habits will bring a flat stomach. So you can hear some talking about this phase, while some claim they didn’t have it.

Those who need it will have to follow some rules for a while.

How long does a restriction in the Chrono diet last?

The restrictive period in the Chrono diet usually lasts 28 days because it is the period that needs to pass for the body to be cleansed of toxins, and it can be longer if you have not reached the desired weight during that time.

So much for the duration, and now we’ll talk about the rules.

20 important rules of restriction in the Chrono diet

In a normal Chrono diet you have 3 meals and a snack. However, in the restrictive period, there is no snack and you only have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are no meals in between, least of all snacks that are one of the biggest enemies of a healthy and slimline.

In the beginning, it may be external to remember all the rules. This video will explain the rules of restriction in the Chrono diet:

1.You don't start the day with coffee! It should never be drunk before breakfast. If you are used to starting the day with this drink, switch to hot lemonade or tea. Coffee is drunk no more than 2 times a day - one after breakfast and one after lunch - without milk, sugar, whipped cream, and any additives.

2.Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day. Eat it before 9 p.m.

3.Meals are eaten 5 hours apart. If breakfast is at 9, lunch should be at 2 and dinner at 7 p.m.

4.Nothing is eaten between main meals. Eating foods when it is not their time activates the secretion of certain hormones when it is not their time. All this results in the accumulation of fat deposits and, above all, the disruption of health and imbalance in the body. The Hrnono diet is based on how our ancestors once ate. They went hunting and ate when they caught something, not when they looked at the fire, the stars, and when they were bored. Food was not a form of fun and pleasure, but a form of satisfying the needs of the organism.

5.All sugars are excreted - white table sugar, yellow sugar, fructose, honey. In the restrictive period of the Chrono diet, there are no sweets in the form of food or drinks (carbonated or non-carbonated juices with added sugar)

6.Fruit is not eaten, either for a meal or between meals because it has fructose, and we avoid sugars in a wide arc

7.Milk is not drunk because it also has milk sugar - lactose, as well as yogurt.

8.Dairy products are allowed only for breakfast, 3 times a week. You can eat cream, sour milk, sour cream, young cheeses. Old cheeses are not eaten. Never combine two dairy products in a meal (say cheese and kefir)

9.Alcohol is eliminated because it is also obtained by processing fruits (which we do not use) or cereals, often with the addition of sugar and prevents the burning of fat deposits. It is sometimes allowed to drink a glass of red wine.

10.White flour is not used. Other types of flour are allowed - corn, buckwheat, oats, barley, rye.

11.Bread and pasta from the allowed flour are eaten only for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are without pasta and without bread!

12.It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water a day. Can sugar-free lemonade and herbal tea. Acidic water can, although it is carbonated, but at most 2 glasses a day. The liquid is not ingested half an hour before and half an hour after a meal, and this is important to remember if you have a habit of pouring a glass of water over your meal.

13.Meals can be prepared on lard or butter. Sunflower and other refined oils are not used, as is margarine. Cold-pressed oils are not thermally processed, they are not cooked or fried, but they can be used in salads. Say, olive oil.

14.It is allowed to eat whole grains or their bran, but it is not allowed to eat various cereals.

15.Meat products are allowed for breakfast, the best ones that you are sure are made from meat - pechenitsa, sausages if they are homemade, chicken breast in a wrapper, ham, bacon. Don't fall for cheap products of this type - they contain more gelatin and additives than meat.

16.Eggs are allowed. For breakfast whole, for other meals only egg whites. You never mix eggs with dairy products when it comes to restriction in the Chrono diet.

17.Meat is allowed and desirable. You can combine it with eggs and dairy products, and it is best with a good fresh vegetable salad. You do not need to combine 2 types of meat in one meal.

18.Starchy vegetables are forbidden. Avoid beans, potatoes, peas, carrots, beets, rice. Other vegetables are allowed, preferably fresh because they release when cooked more sugar.

19.Vinegar is not used as a spice. Instead, pickle a salad with lemon. Vegeta and similar food additives are also forbidden because they often contain sugar. Use sea salt and real vegetables. Other spices are allowed.

20.The amount of food is unlimited. Eat to be full until the next meal, but do not overdo it. Meals are not skipped under any circumstances, nor should you drastically reduce them. You must not be hungry between meals so as not to succumb to various temptations. Eat well for every meal.

The advice that you should eat several times a day is often misunderstood, so many people eat 7-8 times a day or constantly snack on something out of habit and boredom.

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