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Visualization!! How to Practice it?

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7 months ago

In this post, we will practice visualization, you must also try it, this post has been prepared keeping in mind the advice of two groups, one psychologist and researcher who are constantly experimenting and studying and other sports coaches who are constantly taking results in children. Come and get results that are clearly visible on the performance and scoreboard, before you start, keep a pen and paper with you.

What is visualization?

Visualization is a brain work, we make a picture in the mind of whatever we want, then repeating all these pictures again and again for 5 minutes a day, practice these 5 minutes and we achieve our goals with our imagination. If you focus on something, you can attract it.

write your goal

You write only one goal which is most important for you, in the next step put your hand on your chest and notice your normal breathing rate, watch your breath getting a little longer and a little deeper, as soon as you do this your mind will start to calm down. Keep the practice going for 30 to 45 seconds, meanwhile the group of thoughts in the mind is decreasing.

Now sow the first seed in a calm mind, see that the goal you wrote is being fulfilled in reality, if you have made the goal of losing weight, then see yourself getting thinner and look in loose clothes. If you have made a goal of becoming successful, then see yourself in that welcome ceremony. If you have made a goal of playing in the sports , then see yourself standing with the team in that ground. You are seeing yourself in first person view You are feeling the scene from all the five senses, You can smell the fragrance, Hear the movement here You can feel the wind on your face on the sides of the ears.

feel the emotion

Feel the emotion inside you of how you are feeling due to the completion of the goal. Feel self-confidence, satisfaction, happiness and eagerness which are the main emotions, with all these feelings there is a stillness in you and all this is normal for you because you have reached here.

Now feel and see what are the two pleasant changes or benefits that have made your life better when you reach your goal, this change can be as important to you as it is close to the heart. Like getting a good job, you have finished worrying about money and career and there is a lot of happiness and pride in your family and loved ones or you are feeling very confident by completing your goal because you have to complete this goal. Been trying for a long time.

Now think that there are two big problems that do not allow to complete this goal, the obstacles are the same ones that are due to you and they come again and again.

Competition or the spread of the virus are not obstacles because we cannot do anything about them. Just think of two obstacles that won't let you follow the path that doesn't allow you to complete the goal. Like anger, hurt, write them on paper.

Together, write a way to solve these problems, like if this happens then I will do so, this plan may have two to three steps, if I get very angry then I will pour cold water on my head. If I am scared, I will talk to my friend on the phone.

Now look at the list again about the benefits written earlier, this time look at this benefit more closely means that the image you had created earlier on the mental screen, now bring it to you and enlarge it, if you were feeling its fragrance, then the aroma and loudness Take from it, feel that happiness inside you and see that the first problem is coming in front of you. You can see it coming in slow motion, you have started solving the problem immediately. Follow these steps in detail and see yourself dealing with the problem easily.

As soon as you notice that some doubt is arising in your mind today, your thoughts have started turning negative, then immediately you change your body state and do pushups, bring a smile on your face and take a deep breath and repeat your favorite affirmation. You are seeing all this being accomplished in detail, this process is now complete, now you have gone out of your troubles, due to which you are feeling new freshness and energy. Right now your mental state is such that if that problem comes back by mistake, then dealing with it is a left-handed game for you, after doing this complete visualization, now you are feeling lighter.

Now see the most important routine of your day being completed in step by step detail, imagine that you are very excited about some work, you have easily come in flow for that work. You have forgotten everything except your work or play and each step is getting completed easily one after the other. Now put your hand back on your chest and pay attention to your breath, now watch your breath becoming a little deeper and a little longer, this visualization is complete, if you want to stop here, you can stop, you can open your eyes if you want.

Now think about the other benefits in the same way and see the trouble coming again and do the same visualization which was visualized earlier, this method of visualization has been designed by eminent psychologist gabriele oettingen.

few points step by step:

We do not need to write any other goal every time, next time you can start directly with visualization.

In visualization, gradually reduce the problem part and increase the process part because you

Visualize the steps to deal with the problem By doing this, the fear of dealing with the problem and the hesitation to deal with them will go away.

You can do this visualization every morning as soon as you wake up in the morning before starting your work and also you can see the detailed process of your routine several times a day, if you are facing difficulty in visualizing the detail steps, then write them down to your Record it in voice.

Some benefits of visualization

For years, successful people use the methods of visualization to get the results they want

Visualization activates our creative subconscious mind which gives rise to creative ideas and achieves the goal.

Visualization improves your mind so that you focus on the tools that help you fulfill your dreams.

It activates the Low of Attraction that brings people and resources into your life that help you achieve your goals.

Visualization enhances the motivation within us for the actions which are necessary to fulfill our dreams.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you and Have a Great Day 😊🙏

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7 months ago
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