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APPICS joins Telos

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Appics is a social medium, you can access it through a smartphone. You can enjoy finding content that other Appics users have posted and you too can create quality content, share it, and be rewarded. Appics

When the Appics community locates content they give it value with their vote, in turn the vote rates the quality of the content and increases the reputation of the creator.

Take spectacular photos of your surroundings and things you like, make quality videos and share them on Appics.

Telos Welcomes APPICS!

In this video you can learn more about Appics in Telos

Telos accounts are free and instant

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Telos Community on Telegram. Where those who make Telos Blockchain meet to talk about business.

Taken from Telos community on Telegram

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Written by   21
1 year ago
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