Tale of a lost girl

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2 years ago

She looked,

She looked again

Her heart throbbed loudly

'But it used to be right here.'

She had kept it there

At her mama's

Wrapped it with a promise

That the world would not win

She could remember.

She had been faraway from home

But now she was back

With a company of remorse

She was ready for her initial course

Now, she could not find it

No matter how hard she searched

It was gone, vanished

Like the saintly soul of her mama

Now, bereft is she.

Culled from Tale of a lost girl written by me

Thanks for reading. Kindly share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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Like a sad poem for a child losing a mother and a family, shes confused and lost, being left by someone.you loved made you feel lost in life.

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2 years ago