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2 years ago

What is my passion?

​What is my goal in life?

​What can I do to achieve this in life?

​As a human being in life, these set of questions meant have come through your mind once.

What is your passion in life. If you don't know the meaning of passion than let me tell you. The English dictionary describe passion has a strong and barely controllable emotion. In my own terms, I describe it as something you feel you have to do in life, what you love in short.

People does take passion for goals sometimes. Let me break It down for you in an example " I am passionate of football but my goal is to design my own softwares.

​Goal is an aim or ambition to acquire something. Most people has used they passion to block they goal in life therefore causing no progress in they live.

​Note: The difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you do.

​You can't be doing nothing and be expecting something should be done about your current situation in life. Something has to done and it's can be achieved by sitting down. No wealthy man achieve his wealth by just lying around. Take a bold step and climb the height you want to for nothing I'd impossible.

​Have a great day

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Yes,better move and proceed on whatever life we have now. looking towards good future,success and achivements was on our way.keep moving.

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2 years ago