Love is luck..!!

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2 years ago

The meaning of fate is often disrupted in our society.

We can't grasp the idea of fate properly..

Some people believe that, it can be changed while others say,

it has already been written..Whatever the answer may be, all the people believe in Luck ......

Luck is simply the best Fate at the best place & best time...Is achieving this world a luck..??

No, I don't agree with that...Earning a lot of money is not luck...Real love is luck..

If you find someone who loves you back with the same passion,

you are the lucky...

.It is the luck....

So, I wanna ask you...

Are you lucky or not..,???

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some of humans looking for love all their lifes

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2 years ago

Luck is so common and also being missed by others, maybe hardwork means a lot than being lucky, having an oppurtunity also consider as luck

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2 years ago