beauty of my area.

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2 years ago

Assalamu alaikum dear friends .

Village life is somewhat better than city life.

In some aspects the city life is somewhat restful as compared to village life.

In village's there's open area for outings be playing in meeting ànd gathering.

In city life is to much busy no one is ready to give time to someone.

Each and every one of them is busy in their Jobs.

I live in village here the facilities are as of city hospitals road electricity internet access Bazar and school's are present.

My area is so beautiful.

Now I am sharing with you a beautiful view of the nature of my area.

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As you describe it, it looks like you got so much fun an memorable moments in your place and community, and realizing its beauty was a good thing to show that youre being proud on your place.

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2 years ago

Everyone loves their own area very much. Your area is also very beautiful. Nice to talk about your area. In fact, your area is very natural.

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2 years ago