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Let's take care of our parents

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1 year ago

My dear,

Here I am again, I have been thinking for a long time how to start this topic and bring it closer to each of us. We all know that we live in such a time that we simply do not have that time for ourselves and unfortunately not for our loved ones.

Even if we are independent and live without parents, it seems to me that we have the least time for that - possibly from holiday to holiday.

I was lucky enough to have a double family, when I say lucky I really mean it, namely because my father and mother worked in France, more precisely in Paris where I was born, when I was about 3 months old (literally a baby), a cradle in which I was handed over to one of the flight attendants and told her to give me to my father's sister at the airport in Belgrade.

From that moment until my departure to the first grade of primary school, I was connected to my aunt, uncle and my aunt's brother. My aunt and uncle accepted me as their child, raised me, looked after me, raised me selflessly in every way, my brother aunts also knew to take care of me when they had obligations, he was a teenager then so he even bathed and put me to sleep. The uncle was not there non stop because he was at work in Germany.

And if I am 45 years old now, I am proud that they raised me and I consider them my parents, I do not separate them from my father and mother. I remember well when I had to go back to the village with my parents that it was very difficult for me it happened that I literally lay in front of the car because I didn't want to go.

On the other hand, my parents had to leave Serbia and work in another country, because even the much praised communism did not provide jobs for everyone at that time. So many of our people worked abroad to feed and provide for their families. When they returned to I continued to grow up with them in Serbia, I remember that my father tried to provide us with everything, and me and my younger brother, every trip to school, excursions, we always went everywhere. However, times were hard about the sea or the mountains we could just to fantasize, we often wore the cheapest shoes and clothes, then I couldn't understand it and I was a child.

And even with 20 and 30 years of my life, I somehow took my parents for granted, believing that they have to do all that and give it to me, on the one hand it is selfishness, because no one has to and cannot force anything.

It was only at the age of 40 that I began to understand and understand what they were doing and what they were doing. I had the desire to listen and understand them, and yet on the other hand, when it was difficult for me, I always expected them to be my support, and emotionally and financially.

My parents

The years passed and of course my old parents, unfortunately my father died last year, if it is a consolation we were next to him and my mother and I and my brother until the last moment. And I am thankful to God that I had such a father, always calm and composed, smiling and ready to help everyone. That's how I'll remember him.

My mother was left alone, she is much younger than my father, and somehow after all I started to look at her with different eyes, I visit her more often, I call her every week, when I go to her village I always buy something to have, and if my brother lives with her and gives her everything, I just feel the need to help her too.

And when I pray to God, I also pray for the life and health of my mother, I always remember those who do not have a father and an aunt and flow, and I feel peace and tranquility and immeasurable gratitude for everything they have done for me.

The point of this story is that each of us, regardless of the pace of life, should first of all find time and never forget, that our parents grow old and that we are the ones who should be their biggest support when hard days come, they should we understand even if it is sometimes difficult, because everything they do they do for our good.

We should return all the love they give us, and if they were wrong, yes and you, but you tell me and show me the sinless one. Each of us carries his cross, they will not carry ours and we will not bear theirs.

And so let us be good sons and daughters and take care of our parents.

Dedicated to all parents in the world.

Thank you!!!

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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Our biggest wealth in life is our family. Thank you for reminding that again. I wish you continued success.☺️❤️

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11 months ago

Thank you for your kind words, let's respect everyone, but most of all, let's nurture good and positive things in the family itself.

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11 months ago

Every single second that we spend with our beloved family members is priceless. Thank you for such a nice post my dear ^^

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11 months ago