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What is the best thing you want in life?

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3 months ago

Do you actually know what you want?

Have you paused and pondered on what really motivates you?

Many will say yes, but oftentimes, we simply have not asked ourselves this important question.

Romance is short-lasting but sweet and necessary. An AI-generated artwork I prepared in starryai.

A Relationship

The state of a romantic relationship is critical to one’s well-being. There is way too much misery in the world caused by relationship problems. Hearts get broken, interpersonal boundaries get crossed, and in some sad cases, there is verbal and/or physical abuse.


Some manage on their own, as well, and this is fine — as long as they themselves are fine with it.


While I have to acknowledge that some people choose not to have children, and that is a perfectly valid choice, the majority find children among the highest priorities in life. Likely, this is a result of our biological needs, yet the joy that kids can bring to your life is priceless. Watching them explore the world and grow before your eyes is utterly amazing and fascinating.

Professional satisfaction and good relationships with colleagues are important. An AI-generated artwork I prepared in starryai.


Being successful at work is important and motivating to some people. Doing your job well and climbing the career ladder is a way of earning both monetary rewards and pleasing your ego — and that is a necessity. Trading time for money can be a touchy topic, and there are strong opinions for and against it.


Friends and relatives enrich our lives by offering a variety of experiences and, most importantly, support in difficult moments. Some people are naturally more open and sociable, while others benefit from time with their own thoughts. Neither option is wrong, though the friendship circle should match one’s needs. Too little or too much are both undesirable.


Recreation and letting go of stress are invaluable to well-being. Burnout and mental health issues are guaranteed if there is a lack of balance in this area of life. Going out, being one with nature, doing sports, playing music, drawing, playing computer games, travelling, you name it — they are all essential for a life worth living.

“A photographer writing a book” —an AI-generated artwork I prepared in starryai.

I want it all

Naturally, many hope to have the perfect relationship, to live in an amazing house, to be surrounded by trustworthy friends, to have a stable and sufficient income, never to experience interpersonal tension with colleagues and to have plenty of time for fun activities. Sadly, life is rarely generous enough to let us have it all.

Facing dilemmas

Often, we have to let go of matters that are important to us. We may face a dilemma of what to give up when we want to choose all options. They are all meaningful yet mutually exclusive. I cannot live in two cities at the same time. I cannot be both at work and playing with my children. Life is complicated and tough.

“Facing a dilemma” — an AI-generated artwork I prepared in starryai.


Have you ever tried writing down the important aspects of life that you value the most? Can you order them?

Have you wondered what is the single item from your list that you will absolutely certainly keep if you have to give up all the others?

Ask yourself

What will make me content with myself and my life?

Look for opportunities

Giving up an important matter hurts. Having to give up dreams is demotivating. Why should I plan to achieve something when obstacles can trip me up and block the way to my goals?

You can try planning every single chain of events. This gives a clear direction and brings confidence that success is possible. However, at times things change, and the plan is disrupted. Panic kicks in.

You can also just go with the flow and rely on your luck. Opportunities do come randomly. Sometimes people work hard and get little reward for their effort.

Those who succeed after pushing themselves to their limits believe that it was hard work alone that brought success. This is undoubtedly very important, though chance is often ultimately the factor that makes it possible for them to do their best.

Try to find out what makes you feel fulfilled. — an AI-generated artwork I prepared in starryai.

Know yourself, analyse your wishes and get back to them regularly as you grow and gain life experience.

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Written by   33
3 months ago
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