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Peter Schiff Didnt “lose” his bitcoin because of poor UX!

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1 year ago

Most people that VALUE something they have spend time, effort and resources to protect that value. Generally the more value perceived, the more effort will be spent to protect that thing. Even traditional forms of assets that are valued are PROTECTED!

If one has more cash (folding money) at home than they would keep in their wallet or purse they are most likely going to spend effort to protect that cash from:

  • Theft

  • Fire

The amount of effort to protect their cash will generally equate to the level of value that person places on their cash. But most everyone spends effort to protect things they value, not just cash but many things from their physical assets to their family etc…

Schiff Didn't VALUE his Bitcoin

Schiff "lost" his bitcoin because he didn't VALUE it! Schiff has repeatedly said he does not value bitcoin. Among many other things over the years, he has said: “You cant do anything with Bitcoin.”

If Schiff had placed even a modest amount of value in his bitcoin he would have done whatever it would take (not that much, just secure his seed-phrase) to find out how to protect it!

Sure, bitcoin UX will likely get better. But it is already decent! It is NOT that difficult, especially compared to what most all of us already do to protect anything that we value! And yes, it is incumbent on we the johnny apple seeds to educate newcomers to at least be aware of why securing the seed phrase is important. But in the end, only the newcomer is responsible!

Schiff “lost” his bitcoin because he didn't VALUE it!

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Written by   18
1 year ago
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