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A Simple Method to Fund Developers-Just Donate!

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1 year ago

One Simple Method

What could be more simple than to just make periodic donations (voluntarily of course) to those of your choice? I don't expect this to be the only solution, nor should it be. But I expect it is already in part and can be greater in helping to ensure our path to mass adoption of an Open/Permission-less Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System!

Yes, setting up a periodic payment like the Mecenas plugin for ElectronCash (once setup) may be even better. But the Mecenas setup is still somewhat cumbersome IMO and requires the receiver to pull the donation instead of being able to accept it passively if I understand it correctly.

I know there are other solutions in the works as well… 👍

Please keep in mind that no amount is too small! Modest amounts done regularly by many add up to a great deal! It can and should be a win-win. If you don't think so, then no need to participate.

Just keep in mind that you can donate to just one, two or any combination below in any amount you choose or none at all!

We all get to decide individually!

Node/Infrastructure Development






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Note: BitcoinVerde has a legacy/vanity address listed, but when converted (or just hover and grab link) address above will be confirmed

Add donation addresses to your contacts list!

Many wallets like the desktop version of Electron Cash have the option of adding contacts. Setup a contact (just name & BCH address: Wallet->Contacts->New) and then it will be really easy to make repeat donations!


If enough interest warrants, I will add/expand the donation list for general development (more than just node/infrastructure).

Be sure and let me know if you see any errors, omissions etc…

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1 year ago
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If voluntary donations to the full node implementations were sufficient, then we would not be in the position we are in today IMO. People have had 2-3 years to voluntarily donate, why is this being pushed as a solution when it clearly has not worked over this period?

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1 year ago

I didn't say that donations can, will or should be the only solution. In fact as I mentioned near the beginning of the article: "I don't expect this to be the only solution, nor should it be." Donations may be a small/minor part of the total for ongoing infrastructure dev/maint., but we will likely never know since its P2PCash.

Donations may very well be a small part of the total solution. But I don't intend to discourage voluntary support from those that want to contribute!

Where donations may play a bigger part is for projects like Josh's/BitcoinVerde recent mining diversity and other proposals... and his early success in raising "26 BCH in a single weekend".

In any case, thanks for your continued SUCCESSFUL efforts in promoting P2PCash in Australia. Wish I could have made it to the BitcoinCashCity conference-congrats!

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1 year ago

Because raising donations was barely done, Amaury Sechet does not believe in the volunatary donation business model he says, and when Roger Ver set up a fundraise recently and raised 1000 BCH, Amaury was sabotaging the whole thing by complaining about certain teams being on the list he did not thought were deserving, never promoted the raise, when he received 400 BCH never thanked the community for it, neither did his partner David Allen that received 200 BCH, and made up excuses why he can't use the money (claimed AML was not complied to, but when I offered to sign paper he never replied).

So yeah, nothing works without effort, that also counts for raising money. If you embrace it, just a little, it proved to raise 1000 BCH in 1 month, that is not chump change, a lot more can be raised from BCH holders with some creativity and nice platforms. Coinholders know they can easily afford to donate 1% of their holding and will likely make a profit doing so in seeing value of their BCH go up more.

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1 year ago

Thanks for compiling that list!

This might indeed provide a useful resource if one is looking to deploy some funds to donate to develop the BCH ecosystem

Appreciate the effort!

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1 year ago

Periodic payments with Mecenas are a great addition to the contributor's toolbox.

The upside with a systematic approach like U-DID is that one can begin to build on it to provide better information systems ...

These would

  1. provide visibility to others (it is hard otherwise to have an overview of who donates what - not that all things need to be tracked, people are still 100% free to donate privately and outside of such systems)

  2. can provide info about intended future funding - this can even be in the form of "dangling a carrot" i.e. intentions published but conditional on certain things a project does. A good real-life example is Georg Engelmann's promise to donate +5 BCH to Bitcoin Verde if they implement a certain set of features for their explorer UI

  3. can provide accountability (stated intent versus actual follow-through)

  4. could lead to interesting donor dynamics and mechanisms (leaderboards, reward tokens etc) to stimulate people to contribute

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